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i guess i'm just a nice guy...

 i just like being helpful, holding doors open for people, help people carry stuff if they are struggling etc. maybe it was they way i was brought up. maybe it's beacuse i work in software support, or maybe thats WHY i work in support? also i like the basic ideal of karma, 'my name is andy'

anyway i thought i would add a few pages about the times i've helped people.

24th july 2006
image map so one image can have multiple links from it
bint battuta posted a question about having one image that would link to multiple pages so i created this page to show him the basics of the <map> and <area> html tags

5th july 2006
chinese charaters in googlepages urls

vivian had posted some difficulties she was having with her googlepage about traveling, so i created this page to help her with problem. vivian's fully working pages can be seen here