Paz-Mehsulam Law office - Pratice Areas

Paz-Meshulam Law Office provides legal consultation and representation in Court, Arbitration and Medialtion in a range of expertise including :
, liquidation,
suspension of proceedings, debt arrangements with creditors.
General Business legal counsel, Business contracts, Business sale agreement, Commercial contract, Franchise agreement, Partnership agreement, Company Incorporation.

Matrimonial law
Prenuptial agreement, Postnuptial agreement, Divorce settlements, Alimony, Child custody,  Guardianship, Visitation, Child support, adoption, paternity, Inheritance, Preparation of wills.
Representation of litigants in family courts, Representation of litigants in divorce and domestic peace claims in Jewish rabbinic courts.

Breach of contracts, Commercial litigation, Financial claims, Construction defects, warranty claims, Civil action, Tort claims, Property damage, Engineering professional negligence, Damage to vehicles, machinery and mechanical equipment.

Accidents and Personal Injury
Representation of claimants seeking compensation for bodily injury due to automobile accidents, car accidents, work injury, military injury, malpractice claims.
Real Estate
Representation of sellers and buyers in sales of real estate including private and commercial property. Drafting and review of residential lease and sublease contracts, and commercial leases, apartment sales contract, Combination contract, Representing in contracts with contractors, Mortgage agreement, agreement liens, land-sharing agreement, Legal claims for the removal of squatters off the land, removal of trespassers and evacuation of tenants.

Design and Construction Law
Representation in appeals committee, Building permit, Demolition orders.

Corporate and Partnership
Business formation. Creation and registration of company and of non-profit organization or association. Preparation of partnership agreements.
Internet business startup. Copyright and Trademark legal issues consultation. Website Agreements and contracts, privacy policy, user agreement, Spam consultation.
Mediation and Arbitration
Representation of litigants in mediation and arbitration
Debt Collection
Representation of businesses and private creditors in collection of debts
The office renders service in Hebrew, English and French