Advocate Eli Paz

Advocate Eli Paz

Advocate Eli Paz is a Member of the Israeli Bar Association since 1997, graduated with honors from the Tel Aviv University (LL.B in law)

Practice areas of Adv. Eli Paz:

Matrimonial law:
Pre and post nuptial Agreement, Divorce, Child support, Alimony, Child custody, Guardianship, Paternity, Preparation of wills.

Real estate: Contracts,
Real estate  transactions, Lease, Combination, Eviction of Squatters and trespassers.

Torts: Financial claims, P
ersonal injuries - Road accidents, Work accidents, Disabled IDF veterans, Social security, Insurance claims, Property damage.
Debts: Enforcement of judgment and collection of debts.
Adv. Paz litigates before the Jewish Rabbinic Courts in matters of divorce and domestic peace claims. He litigates before the family courts in matters of property distribution, alimony, child custody and visitation and child   support 
Adv. Paz is a member of the Israeli Bar Association committee of Rabbinic Courts, and the committee of the Family Courts 

Adv. Paz administrates a family law legal forum on the internet discussing family law issues: marriage, divorce, alimony, nuptial agreements, real estate