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 Yossi Meshulam Law office - Lawyers and legal consultation

Yossi Meshulam, law office was founded in 1997 and is engaged in various legal areas incliding Civil law, Commercial law, Liquidation, Bankruptcy, Matrimonial law, Real estate, Internet law, Enforcement of judgment and collection of debts

The Firm

The firm's lawyers represent and appear in Civil court, The rabbinical court, The Supreme Rabbinical Court, a court that deals with justice according to Torah law.
Yossi Meshulam, law office provides its clients with legal consultation and representation in Court, Arbitration and Medialtion in a range of expertise including :
Insolvency, Company Liquidation, Bankruptcy, Construction defects, contracts, inheritance, wills, Torts, Real estate, Apartments contacts, Internet Law,
Enforcement of judgment and collection of debts.

Why Us ? 

 Yossi Meshulam law office combines vast technical engineering knowledge with legal consultation specializing in handling complex contracts and tortious legal cases, requiring expertise in engineering,

Areas of Practice

A unique combination
particularly important for business customers in technical industries.

The office renders service in Hebrew, English and French.

Our Experience Shows!

 We act vigorously and apply quality as well as creativity to ensure best results.