Google Adsense Payoneer


AdSense charged with Payoneer is simple, if you want your winnings are paid with Payoneer place much attention:

1. Get an account at Google AdSense PIN verified.

2. Get a US address, you can use the free service USABOX.COM

3. In your AdSense account have to change the country configuration panel to the US.

4. Set the payments on your profile AdSense

When requesting your card gives you the ability to create the US Payment Service, which is nothing more than a virtual
account in a US bank where Google will make payments, these current account data should be placed in:

- Payments settings - in your profile Google AdSense,
- Now Google will make you a small deposit in your account Payoneer.
- Check the amount deposited in Google Adsense.
- That is all!.

Configuration Adsense account payments must be:

Go to Payments> Payee Profile> Tax Information

If You Already Know Which form you need, you can bypass the questions below by choosing your tax form directly.
Are you a US citizen, US resident alien, US corporation or US partnership?


Do you own equipment in the U.S. related to your participation in AdSense?
This includes owning a hosting service or web server in the U.S. If you simply use or rent from a U.S. hosting company, you can choose "No" to this question.


Do you have employees in the U.S. related to your participation in AdSense?
This includes setting up employees Involved in, Maintaining, marketing and supporting your site, Among other things.


Later in the screen that appears (a kind of declaration), signatures with your name as the Google account, and you put the box below Publisher, since you're signing yourself.

That's all and no more science ..

Explanation video:

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