Charity-Based Certified ScrumMaster Training

Standard Certified ScrumMaster training, but on a Friday and Saturday and delivered as a give-back. I set aside half of the class seats to be free for those working for non-profits or government agencies. For those currently in transition, please see the information on additional verification from local agencies. 

For the rest of the class, the $700 will help orphanages in Mexico & Uganda, teachers in Kampala, fund Kiva micro loans and other causes. 

We have raised thousands for several charities and connected many attendees with many service opportunities.


Friday and Saturday, February 10th & 11th from 9 AM - 5 PM. Graciously hosted by Vineyard Christian Fellowship, 5340 E. La Palma, Anaheim, CA. 

About the Trainer: Scott is a Certified Scrum Trainer and PMP who lives in Orange County and has helped over a dozen companies in the SoCal area. Founder of the Orange County APLN and speaker at local conferences and last year's RallyON, Seattle Scrum Gathering, and Agile 2011 conferences.  

How it works: 

Register via the link below, selecting whether you are working or currently in transition. $50 of fee is the Scrum Alliance fee for membership and certification, $20 for class materials. 

  • If you are currently out of work, please have your agency or group working with you contact me and I will add you to the class. Sending a picture or scan of EDD stub is fine. Outside of that, I am unable to work individually with other scenarios. Unfortunately, the free seats have previously been taken advantage of by people claiming to be out of work, but were actually non-fulltime employees by choice (contractors or entrepreneurs), and their seats could have gone to people genuinely trying to find full-time employment.
  • If you work full-time for a non-profit or government agency, sign up for the $70 seat. That's all that is expected. I will ask for proof of employment with a nonprofit. This class is to gift to you for the work you do. 
  • If you are currently employed, you will have the opportunity to vote for where your payment goes after presentations at the training. That is you paying it forward to benefit others.

Once the class is full, I will email all the registrants with additional details and information. 

If the seats are full, please add your name to the waiting list to be notified of the next session -

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The Pay-It-Forward CSM was born out of the Welfare CSM movement lead by Tobias Mayer and supported by Lyssa Adkins and other trainers. 

I co-trained with Lyssa at one of these trainings and saw the value in giving back to the community. We are expanding on the Welfare CSMby encouraging anyone to attend the training who will make a contribution to a non-profit, hoping to connect all of us with the good work being done by others.

Part of Lean Salt.


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