Why Use Us!

Lending money is our business and we have helped folks from all walks of life when borrowing from a bank is difficult. If all you ever need is one of our payday loans from us, we are happy to help. If budgeting is a challenge we also offer long term loan agreements if that’s a good fit for you. There are programs available through us to help with budgeting. By letting us assist with your most pressing bills, you get back on track.

Emergency Cash

Whether your car needs repairs, your pet has been hurt, or a family emergency has come up, call us. Bring in proof of employment and we’ll talk about your needs and a flexible repayment plan.

Our Experience Shows!

Payday loans are a great solution if you find yourself a little short of cash, which is why this type of loan is so popular. You may have a few questions, like how much interest is charged and what time frames are available for repayment? Call today for the answers and we’ll talk about how to manage it. If month end is looming and you’re stressed about rent, we can help make ends meet. Welcome to Blue Copper Capital payday loans in Edmonton.

When expenses force you to choose between medication or food, we are here to help. For unexpected car repairs, or a gift for someone special, we provide assistance. If you have a steady job, a bank account and photo ID, come see us. Qualifying for a loan from us is easy and a credit check is not required. Some conditions apply of course, so contact us about the details.

Whether you need a short term loan or long term help with your finances, we are here for you. We can help manage your finances and get you out of the negative borrowing cycle that traps many good people these days. Government financial guide.


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