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During the semester, I will use this site in the following ways:

1 -To post handouts, worksheets and lecture PowerPoint

2 - To advise on any schedule changes 

3 - To give the guidelines for written assignments and presentations

4 - To provide links to various websites of interest and relevance to the course

5 - To answer any questions posted by students that are relevant to the class as a whole.

I hope you will enjoy the course and wish you all the best of luck.


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  • Ch 5_Negotiation.pdf   4480k - 21 Feb 2018, 01:43 by Samuel Chinnapongse (v2)
  • Ch 4_Communicating Across Cultures.pdf   2813k - 11 Feb 2018, 19:12 by Samuel Chinnapongse (v2)
  • Ch 3_Role of Culture.pdf   4384k - 29 Jan 2018, 18:18 by Samuel Chinnapongse (v2)
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