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Birds have been quick to take advantage of the new wetland habitats created by gravel extraction. As scrub and woodland develops around the Pits, other birds move in. Around 70 species breed regularly, with several dozen more spending the winter here. To date, 234 species have been recorded at Paxton Pits, though the ‘star’ birds are undoubtedly nightingales, other birds of scrub habitat, cormorants and the winter wildfowl.
This page enables you to access all the bird pages on the Paxton Pits website (during the website rebuild in early 2014, not all of these pages will be immediately available or up-to-date):

General information
The star birds at Paxton Pits, with special features on cormorants and nightingales.
Volunteers undertake Wetland Bird Surveys (WeBS) every winter
Find out how you can help with bird surveys at Paxton Pits.

The Friends of Paxton Pits publishes an annual report on the birds and wildlife of the Pits complex, which is available from the Visitors' Centre. Past reports are listed in this archive.

Bardon Aggregates, supported by The Friends of Paxton Pits, has helped to put its quarry on the bird conservation map through the BTO Business-Bird Challenge.