There’s loads to see at Paxton Pits if you’re patient. Find out all about it here, with features on many of the species that you might encounter.
One of our most popular pages is the Latest sightings board, updated regularly with your reports.

Our archive of thousands of sightings provides predictions for what you might see at Paxton Pits if you visit this month.

Birds are the main source of interest for many visitors, so they have their own sub-index leading to loads of information. 

Throughout the summer, Paxton Pits is a buzz with insects, including butterflies, moths and dragonflies.

It is also ablaze with wild flowers: see some of the most evident and download a complete species list

The most shy group are mammals, many of which appear only before most visitors arrive or after they've gone. Bucking the trend, though, are otters, which sometimes can be seen right through the day. 
Cormorant in flight