Weather and Flooding

The weather plays a big part in the wildlife at Paxton Pits. Cold weather can bring more wildfowl, but long periods of frozen conditions may drive birds farther south or lead to some birds starving. Wet weather in spring can flood the nests of birds, but make it easier for wading birds to feed. Dry weather in summer can make the ground hard and dry, reducing the food for many species. Mild weather in winter and early spring can encourage wildlife to start breeding early and wild flowers to start blooming. East Anglia is the driest part of Britain.

Weather forecast:

Flooding and River Levels
The River Great Ouse has over-topped its banks, entering the reserve, more frequently in recent years. When the river is in flood, the road from St Neots is frequently closed, and the Ouse Valley Way is impassable along the Great Meadow and the Moorings.

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