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News - September 2012 - Generous Co-op donation to Paxton Pits

'Pick-Up-A-Penny' gift of £337 from the Co-Op.
The folk in the image are, left to right, Katy Paton (Community Champion from the Co-operative Society at Eaton Socon), Pauline Buck (Volunteer, Paxton Pits Nature Reserve), Trevor Gunton (Trustee, Friends of Paxton Pits Nature Reserve), and Jim Stevenson (Huntingdonshire District Council’s Senior Ranger at Paxton Pits Nature Reserve). (Picture by Ray Matthews)

They are standing in front of the viewing screen that we are going to replace with this generous 'Pick-Up-A-Penny' gift of £337 from the Co-Op. The aim is to provide a more effective screen so that the birds that visitors come to watch are not scared away as visitors approach. This viewpoint is a great place to see ducks, geese and nesting Herons. The lake is “Heronry South Lake”, and the viewpoint is on the very popular “Heron Trail”. The new screen will come with better seating and with ‘viewing slots’ at a variety of heights so that everybody gets a good view.

Pauline (in the photo) said, “I come regularly to this viewpoint because there is always a good chance of seeing the elusive Kingfisher. I’m looking forward to the new screen with viewing slots that are at the right height for ‘all sizes’, especially children”.

Thanking Katy, Senior Ranger Jim Stevenson said, “The Co-op’s generous gift to The Friends comes at just the right time. The existing willow ‘screen’ is not much good at screening visitors from the birds, but the new one will let everyone get close and view them in comfort”.