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News - September 2012 - Balloonists visit nature reserve

Hot air balloon "Molly Mae" made a surprise landing at Paxton Pits Nature Reserve last Friday evening (07/09/12). 
Flown from Riseley (near Bedford) by pilot Jamie Edwards, with two passengers on board, the balloon descended over Little Paxton to land safely on open ground in the nature reserve.

Among the many villagers who watched the balloon's descent was Ray Matthews, Chairman of the Friends of Paxton Pits Nature Reserve. Guessing that the support team tracking the balloon would need help in retrieval, Ray went to the reserve armed with keys to enable the support team to get close to the balloon.

Ray said:

"The volunteers and staff at Paxton Pits pride themselves on offering a warm welcome to visitors. So what better than to appear minutes after the landing with an offer of help?

The balloon team were most appreciative, but somewhat concerned that they might have disturbed the wildlife! Of course I couldn't resist inviting them to 'drop in again' sometime".
Balloon pilot Jamie Edwards (right) and passenger shortly after landing at Paxton Pits Nature Reserve
(Photo by Ray Matthews)