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News - October 2010 - Paxton Pits progress in the Business Bird Challenge 2010

The BTO-EDF Business Bird Challenge 2010 is the competition to find the best business sites for conservation, birds, and people.
Details can be found on the BTO (British Trust for Ornithology) website here:
Bardon Aggregates has entered this ‘once every two years’ challenge competition, supported by The Friends, volunteers, and staff at the Reserve, and in the most recent (2nd quarter) newsletter, Paxton Pits gets several ‘mentions’, including:
"The Highlands of Little Paxton?
Rough undrained grassland was created at Little Paxton Quarry, Bardon Aggregates back in 1992. The management plan for this 6ha of grassland aims to enhance biodiversity through grazing with cattle, creating a varied sward structure, diversifying the flora, and encouraging a rich invertebrate fauna. Thanks to the efforts of many volunteers and the staff from the Paxton Pits Nature Reserve, a grazing regime has been established. They embarked on an ambitious fencing project involving over 30 person-days of volunteer and staff effort, installing 600m of cattle fencing and four farm gates. The materials and a tractor-mounted post rammer were funded by The Friends of Paxton Pits Nature Reserve, and the work was completed in time to introduce the Reserve’s own small herd of Highland cattle. An immediate indication of the potential benefits to wildlife came with the arrival of a flock of ca. 30 Yellow Wagtail feeding between cattle hooves in mid-April."

You can read the whole 2nd quarter newsletter here:

Paxton Pits also features in the 1st quarter newsletter:

(Paxton Pits came first in the Conservation category of the competition in 2008 - see the news item from July 2009)