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November 2012
Paxton Pits Benefits from the Co-Op's Wildlife Calendar

WILDLIFE enthusiasts will love Anglia Co-operative’s 2013 calendar.
Each month features a unique and eye-catching image of East Anglian wildlife.
The 12 photographs were all winners in Anglia Co-operative’s regional wildlife photographic competition.
October 2012
Do You Feed Your Garden Birds?

If you do, you are in good company. About 70 % of all garden owners encourage wildlife by feeding garden birds!
To help you attract more species, and to celebrate the fun of caring for your garden birds, The Friends of Paxton Pits Nature Reserve and the Wildlife Trust BCN invite you to "Feed the Birds Day" at Paxton Pits Nature Reserve on Sunday 28th October, anytime between 10.30 am and 3.30 pm. 
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September 2012
Generous Co-Op Donation to Paxton Pits

The folk in the picture are standing in front of the viewing screen that we are going to replace with this generous 'Pick-Up-A-Penny' gift of £337 from the Co-Op.
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September 2012
Balloonists Visit Nature Reserve

Hot air balloon "Molly Mae" made a surprise landing at Paxton Pits Nature Reserve last Friday evening (07/09/12). Flown from Riseley (near Bedford) by pilot Jamie Edwards, with two passengers on board, the balloon descended over Little Paxton to land safely on open ground in the nature reserve. 
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July 2012
Jim is the BBC's Wildlife Magazine's 'Nature Writer of the Year'

Our very own Jim Stevenson, Senior Ranger, has won the BBC Wildlife Magazine's 'Nature Writer of the Year'.
Read Jim's "Miller's Thumb"
July 2012
Scarecrows Help Birdwatchers

Supporting a local community event has resulted in a pleasant surprise for the Friends of Paxton Pits Nature Reserve. After taking part in the Little Paxton Scarecrow Festival, The Friends received a cheque for £200 from the Festival's organising committee. The donation has been spent on replacing the floor of the Reserve's popular Hayden Hide.
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June 2012
Springwatch at Paxton Cancelled

Due to flooding at the Springwatch base in Wales, the BBC had to drop their planned activities at Paxton Pits.
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