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Work Parties

The Work Party Programme for 2018/19.
This year we are introducing a Thursday Work Party. If these work parties are successful, further dates will be added to the programme
for 2019.
The work programme continues with many of our old favourites but with an emphasis on improving habitat on the Reserve for our warblers, including our famous but declining nightingales. We continue to work on maintaining viewpoints and access routes for the various bird surveys we complete and maintaining the bird ringing net runs. Please feel free to join us in these varied wildlife management activities
  • No previous experience is needed.
  • We’ll show you how to do the work.
  • Range of tasks to suit all abilities, energies and ages.
  • Meet new friends who also enjoy wildlife and the open air.
  • Find out how management benefits wildlife.
  • Tools, safety equipment and refreshments are provided.
All work parties start at 9.30 a.m. at the Visitor Centre and go through to somewhere around 1.00 p.m.

Work parties with a (Q) notation are accessed through the quarry so you need to be at the Visitor Centre by 0930 to pick up transport. There is no other access to the quarry. 

Bad weather alert system. We operate an email alert system where a note will be sent one or two days before the work party if there is a probability of cancellation.

If you have any questions concerning this Programme, please contact Mike Thomas (01480 387749), or Trevor Coughlan (

Health & Safety
Many of us are aware of the increasing emphasis on health and safety issues in this modern world. This applies as much to the volunteer work that we do as to anything else.
Some of the precautions we need to take are obviously dependent on what we are doing and on the site itself. However there are a number of precautions that are universal and are listed below.
  • Make sure your anti-tetanus is up to date.
  • Wear suitable clothes and footwear.
  • Only attempt what you are personally capable of. Stop when tired.
  • Be aware of what’s happening around you; allow plenty of room.
  • If you don’t know how to use a specific handtool ask the leader.
  • Check for uneven ground, steep slopes, wet ground, dense ground vegetation, accumulated debris, trenches and holes.
  • Always lift and carry safely. Use arms and legs and not the back.
  • Remember - do not work alone.
Sunday 16th September- WeBS viewpoint. Clearing new viewpoint on Sailing Lake. 

Thursday 20th September- WeBS viewpoint. Working on Island Pit viewpoints. 

Sunday 30th September- Boughton Lodge (Q). Clearing footpath up to the Lodge and creating a new viewpoint into Lodge Pit. 

Sunday 7th October- Nightingale habitat. Improving the habitat between the Environment Education Centre and Kingfisher Hide. 

Thursday 11th October- Sanctuary. Continuing with habitat management to encourage Spring migrants. 

Sunday 21st October- Sanctuary. Continuing with habitat management to encourage Spring migrants.

Sunday 4th November- Hayling Reedbed. Willow management to maintain the reedbed. 

Sunday 18th November- East Scrub. Habitat management and repair of the exclosures. 

Thursday 22nd November- Sanctuary. Managing the tree growth along the bird ringing net runs. 

Sunday 2nd December- Orchid Exclosures. Cutting back growth to encourage orchid growth and other work in the Sanctuary. 

Thursday 13th December- East Scrub. Cutting back growth in the exclosure to encourage the Adders-tongue Fern and habitat management. 

Sunday 13th January- Gully Hedge. Coppicing the hedge to improve habitat alongside this area. 

Sunday 27th January- Hayling Carr. Continuing our work to open up the pond to encourage freshwater invertebrates. 

Sunday 10th February- Bird survey routes. Clearing and waymarking breeding bird survey routes. 

Sunday 24th February- Invertebrate Bank (Q). Working on the second half of the bank near the Quarry works. 

Sunday 17th March- Gully Hedge. Continuing with the coppicing. 

Sunday 21st April- Dead Hedging. Creating a barrier where the ground is too poor for a live hedge. 

Sunday 9th June- Himalayan Balsam. Removing Himalayan Balsam by the river banks. 

Sunday 7th July- Ragwort. Removal of ragwort from the meadows id content is harmful to cattle.