Paxton Hall Kirkstall Lane  

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This is the home page of the Paxton Horticultural Society located at 186, Kirkstall Lane, Leeds LS5 2AB
Registered Charity No. 1075700
For general enquiries please contact Mr. Andrew Spence the Chairman on 01937 830257.
                                                                              A BRIEF HISTORY OF THE SOCIETY 

The society as it is known today, started life way back in 1886 as the Leeds Paxton Horticultural Society. Meetings were held on a regular basis
on Saturday evenings when most of the "professional gardener" members were free to attend. Various locations were used for meetings, until a permanent place was found within the now University of Leeds campus.
In the 1960's the University required the property and a deal was done to provide the new premises where we are today.
As the society progressed over the years, the makeup of the membership changed. The "big houses" started the disappear after the last war, so did the professional gardeners. The society took on a new look with amature gardeners in the ascendance. 
With the advent of television and the car, Saturday evening meetings were not as popular and attendances declined. To try to attract new gardeners it was decided to try a different approach and form an afternoon group and so in 1993 the "Friday Forum" was created. Over the years this has gone from strength to strength providing an excellent afternoon venue for the gardening public.
By 1999 the Leeds Paxton Horticulteral Society had changed appreciably from its formation, with the emphasis being placed on the "leisure gardener" not the professional and the Saturday evening meetings were no longer the focal point of the Society.    

On the 20th March 1999 at the AGM a constitution was adopted which significantly changed the Society and paved the way for the registration of the Society as a Registered Charity. The Leeds Paxton Horticultural Society, with its Rule Book and Committees ceased to exist on this date. At the same time a new organisation, Paxton Horticultural Society was born, and later that year became a Registered Charity number 1075700. Whilst traditions were maintained, the whole Society had now to be compliant with Charity Law and the Charity Commision.

TheTrustees of the Society are those members who have been elected by the membership to serve on the Executive Committee of the Society. These Trustees have a "joint and several" responsibility to ensure that the Society is run in accordance with Charity Law and the Constitution of the Society.

Along with the full programme of horticultural activities run by the Society, The Hardy Plant Society - West Yorkshire Group also hold their monthly meetings at the Paxton Hall. The hall is also used by other groups with a diversity of interests such as W.Y. Fuchsia & Pot Plant Society, The National Vegetable Society, Slimming World, White Rose Model Society, Polio Society, and West Riding Anglers.

Paxton Horticultural Society, which is always looking to welcome new members is situated in Kirkstall Lane, just across from Headingley Railway Station. The member groups within the Society offer a varied programme to suit most horticultural requirements, please check out details of the groups shown.

   Subscriptions to join the Paxton are due on the 1st January each year and is £12 per person.

To read the Paxton Blog click this link -  http://gardenersfridayforum.blogspot.co.uk