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PAWSOME PAINTINGS, Pet Portraits by Erin Kelly 

  Sadie Jane

  Lab Mix

  This Painting is of my beloved furchild, Miss Sadie Jane. The painting is based on a photograph I took of her on her first day home with us - July 2, 2005. She was just 11 weeks old! With this painting, I actually used a combination of decoupage and then layering of glazes. The original background was kept intact from the photo - I love the clovers she lies on! This painting definitely captured the youth of her puppy-hood. I love it so much that it hangs in our living room!



  Roko & Xuxa

  Pug & Havanese Mix

  Another painting for Laulita and another fun piece to create! Roko and Xuxa's pawtrait has a very pop - art vibe to it. Relying on muted colors for the coats, these two pups are set off by a brilliant red, textured, background and outlined with a chunky, solid, black line.






  Cocker Spaniel

 Cody is the third "child" to my mom-in-law Mary Ann, albeit a bit furry and having a cold nose.  I guess that makes him my dog- in-law? Cody is such a friendly guy. This is actually one of my earliest paintings and is quite simple, but I do think it captures his playful spirit and sweetness. Sadie terrorizes poor Cody, her "uncle", whenever we come to visit! Cody was actually just diagnosed with a degenerative disc disorder; please keep him in your hearts and prayers, as he is a very important member of our family...


   Marley & Buddha

  Chihauha Mixes

  This painting was a learning experience. I tried something totally new and it worked well. With Marley and Buddha I used a fan brush, and with different gradations of paint, gently dry-brushed the fur to create a wavy texture. Of all the paintings I have done, this was probably the most abstract, but the overall effect is sheer fun! I also love the tie-dyed background effect! Marley and Buddha are Father & Son!





  Brandy belongs to my cousin in Canada, Sheilah. I loved painting her coat - This was a quick painting. Over a wet base coat of black and tan, I streaked in some highlights and outlined her with a thin and broken black line. The overall appearance of Brandy's pawtrait is breezy and lighthearted, but also very sweet I think. I also love how one ear flops over, too cute!

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