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PAWSOME PAINTINGS, Pet Portraits by Erin Kelly



 Cali belongs to my friend Shannon and her boyfriend Steven. Cali is a brat and has clawed me on several occasions, but I love her anyways. She is super playful and means no harm, as she is still a kitten. For this painting, I opted to shade Cali's coat with lavenders and purples for a fun look. For the background, I wanted to keep things soft, yet interesting. It was created using a flower stamp one shade lighter than the background.





  For the Hoseas, my neighbors. Stoli is a very personable little pug who lives across the street. Sometimes he breaks out of his backyard and comes to our door to tease Sadie and pee on our planter. I love this little guy, he's awesome! I kept his pawtrait simple, shading him in browns and oranges, but opted to use the Stoli brand Vodka font for his name. The background is a flat and uniform turquoise. I think it works well with the text and contributes to that "pop" vibe!



Cola, Husker, & Lincoln

Labrador Retrievers 

  For Shannon O. Another piece where Paint Shop Pro was utilized in order to combine three pets into one cohesive painting. Sadly, Husker went to the rainbow bridge not too long ago. Including him in the painting along with his furry siblings was a beautiful tribute to him. I really do love this painting. This image definitely exhibits to the viewer the closeness of Shannon's pack.



Bichon Mix

  For Barbara, a repeat customer of Pawsome Paintings! We settled on a fun and interesting composition for Louie's pawtrait - Using the reference photo, I posed him inside a large flower pot in a field of daises and freesia. I used yellows, lavenders, and blues to shade his coat, keeping it fun and fresh. I completed the text using a new and improved method and it looks quite nice.








Mixed Breed

  For Liz. Doobie was super fun to paint! With his coat, I opted to keep the fur streamlined and coming from a single direction-- Notice the fur streaking seamlessly in a horizontal palette of oranges, yellows, and browns. The Best part to me, however, is the background of this pawtrait. I created a long leaf stamp and tapped it on using three variations of the background color. Some were left as is, some were given a basic outline, and some were given a simple black outline using a script liner to make them stand out even more.




   For Nicole. This painting is one of my older works, however, it is one of my favorites. I particularly love the background layering of flat color, sponge paint, and leaf stamps. I painted in simple veining on the leafs to make them "pop". This painting overall has a fun and modern feel to it.



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