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PAWSOME PAINTINGS, Pet Portraits by Erin Kelly





 I created Holly's portrait as a gift to my co-worker and friend, Kevin.

Holly had been his companion for many faithful years.

I wanted to capture the happiness and peace Holly now enjoys up at the bridge.

She is missed very much and will never be forgotten.










Boston Terrier


  Romeo's paw-trait was requested of me by another co-worker.

  He is an adoreable brindle coated Boston, and from what I understand, is the apple of his owners eye.

  His Portrait was to be a unique and quirky last minute birthday present :)

  I created him in just two days time and so opted to use more expressionistic lines and vibrant colors.












Border Collie Mix

  For Laulita - as a gift to her boss. Prada's pawtrait was an absolute dream to paint! I used a minimal palette of just five colors. Rather than exaggerating the minute details of Prada's features, I chose to paint this with an impressionistic feel. The final result is just gorgeous! This has go to be one of my favorite pawtraits!!!






Terrier Mix 

  For Derek. Reeses pawtrait was fun to work on and was completed in record time. I painted in multiple layers of wash to attain the spotty appearance of her coat. For the text, I used a font very similar to the official Reeses signage. My most favorite aspect of this painting, however, is the soulful nature of her eyes.





Labradbor Retriever 

  For Manda in Australia. For Jade's pawtrait, Manda and I agreed that the background would be soft, yet fun. I laid in a turquoise blue color and then went over it with handmade bone and pawprint stamps, one shade lighter. Manda specified a more naturalistic feel to this piece, and so no harsh outlines were used. I absolutely *love* Miss Jade's red "sunnies" atop her head! Overall, this painting is very fun and free.



Havanese Mix

   Of ALL the Pawtraits I have ever done, my husband Chris likes this one the best! Sasha was a lot of fun to paint - especially the textures and waves of her coat! To complement her coat, I built up the background with several layers of texture medium. Sasha's pawtrait is a study in motion!







mugsy.jpg image by kelzoswifey

  For Alyssa, a member of my August '07 Birthday club. Mugsy was a sheer joy to paint, as he is so personable and cute -- just look at that expression! Mugsy tilts his head to the side in typical boxer fashion and looks out with large brown eyes as if to say: "Who me?!" Gotta love those Boxers!




 Max & Louis

Lab Mix and Beagle

     For Kathy. Maximums and Louis are firends of Sadie's online at and participate often in our *Labracadabra* club for Labrador mixes -- Sadie has great fun sending them "pee-mails" and hearing of their exploits and adventures! With this painting, I combined two images of the pups into one using Paint Shop Pro


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