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PAWSOME PAINTINGS, Pet Portraits by Erin Kelly



Contact Info:


Feel free to contact me via E-mail,

cell, or snail mail with any questions:


Erin Kelly

10 Flavia Street

Boston, MA 02122


Cell: (617) 686-3082





The Process:


 A description of the typical

ordering process:


  1. After you mail me for the first time, I will ask you to send images of your pet(s). We will go over and confirm your preferences in terms of colors and overall feeling.
  2. From there, I will create several compositions in Paint Shop Pro with various orientations and custom levels of cropping -- You can select your favorite and let me know.
  3. I will complete your choice of background. The next step is sketching in the underdrawings. From there I begin the actual painting process!
  4. I will contact you near the end of the process for your approval and for any final changes and/or additions. At this time, you may remit payment.
  5. After the painting is completed, I will seal off your painting with two coats of a flat matte varnish.
  6. Once Payment arrives, I will ship your painting out via USPS Priority Mail (unless otherwise specified).
  7. I will follow up after the arrival of your painting and also send you a large scale digital image of it to use as you please!


* Overall, you can count on me

contacting you several times

throughout the process. I promise to

throw myself 110% into your

painting to ensure that the final

image is exactly as you wish. I will

NOT ship your painting until you are

completely satisfied!

 The Right Photo:


Please keep the following tips in mind

When choosing an image to submit...

  • Choose a clear and detailed image. The image should be able to stand up well to enlargement. If you are unsure, e-mail me your photo and I will let you know if it is sufficient.

  • Choose an image that captures your pet’s personality. Do you have a favorite kind of pose or activity in mind? i.e.: playing ball, sleeping, etc.

  • Choose an image with an unobstructed background. By this I mean that no part of your pet should be covered by background objects, i.e.: grass over feet, blankets over the body, etc.

  • Choose an image that shows your pet's eyes clearly with minimal "red eye" or glare. Keep in mind that I can use other photos as references.

Other things to think about:

I use Paint Shop Pro and can, upon request, combine multiple pets into one cohesive image. Would you like to have several of your furbabies in one cohesive painting?
  • Do you want a plain background, an abstract background, or a landscape?
  • Look over the gallery pages for examples; is there any particular background/style that catches your eye? Let me know and I can replicate it.
  • Would you like me incorporate any "props", i.e.: a tennis ball, a Frisbee, maybe a favorite blanket or toy?
  • ~~~~~

    "He is your friend, your partner,

    your defender, your dog.

    You are his life, his love, his leader.

    He will be yours, faithful and true,

    To the last beat of his heart.

    You owe it to him to be

    Worthy of such devotion."

    ~ Unknown Author