MISSION STATEMENT: Pawsitive Vibes is dedicated to nurturing a loving bond between pet parents and their dogs through positive reinforcement dog training methods.  Pawsitive Vibes strives to provide dog-training services to every pet owner on the island of St. Croix.  It is our mission to ensure each dog on this island is positively motivated therefore decreasing the number of unwanted animals seen throughout St. Croix.     

: Both Alison and Jamison have had dreams of offering training classes or private lessons to the dog parents of St. Croix.  After one day in early 2016 talking about dog training at the Blue Mutt, Alison and Jamison were brought together and the idea for Pawsitive Vibes was born. 


Alison Sobeck: Growingup visiting her grandparents on St. Croix, Alison has always loved and felt at home on the island. 
 From a young
age she has always loved dogs, and taken an interest in trainin
g.  Through high school, she fostered dogs,often having 3-4 dogs in the house at a time.  In college, she began raising dogs for The Seeing Eye, successfully raising many dogs who have gone on to become guide dogs.  It was during this time she gained invaluable training experience, from basic obedience, to learning how to interpret dogs behavior, and to determine the why to a dog’s actions in order to correctly help them through the problem and so much more.  After college, she took a job with the World Ocean School, to be able to spend a winter season living full time on St. Croix.  Falling in love with island life, she easily made the decision to move to St. Croix permanently in December 2015.  She quickly began getting involved with the Animal Welfare Center, and even started fostering just 2 weeks after making the move.  Wanting to do more for the island’s pets, the idea for offering dog training services came, but she wasn’t quite sure where to turn.  Teaming up with Jamison was the perfect push, and now together they are able to educate the dogs, and their owners with Pawsitive Vibes.

Jamison Pollitt

Jamison moved to St Croix from the Philadelphia area in 2010. He first got started with fostering dogs when an Akita named Keesha found her way into his heart. Her owners were losing their home and because of her age and breed, she was going to lose her life. Jamison wasn’t really in a position to adopt a dog at that time and kept saying “No” to friends who knew about her heartbreaking situation. After a couple of weeks, he asked himself if he could continue to look away. On the day that she was supposed to be euthanized, the family was struggling emotionally with the decision. The veterinarian agreed to make a house call. Jamison stepped up that night and agreed to take in Keesha and his life was forever changed. At that time, years of slinging drinks was taking a toll, but Keesha had opened his heart to the rewards of foster and shelter work. A friend, Casey McGuire (Author of A Sheltered Life: Portraits of Inner City Animal Shelters) introduced him to Animal Alliance in New Jersey where he began walking dogs on their picturesque property. There he met Jeggers, a dog he thought of adopting but was instead talked into fostering. Friends who made homemade dog food, had 2 acres and belonged to a dog walking club met and fell in love with Jeggers a few days later. So, Jamison agreed to let him go and foster another. That process soon became habit.

Fostering eventually led to dog training. About 7 years ago, he began volunteering with the Animal Control and Care Team of Philadelphia. There he passed several handler levels and logged many hours participating in events, temperament testing and training dogs at the shelter.

Today we are lucky to have him here on St Croix fostering and preparing Crucian dogs for new homes, as well as training owned pups. His hope is that by teaching basic training and household manners, local dog owners would be more inclined to spay and neuter and better care for their pets. Working towards certification, Jamison practices Positive Reinforcement Technique training and the principles of Sophia Yin, Victoria Stillwell, etc. He has attended the Patricia McConnell course and is currently completing a Karen Pryor Academy training course.His true love is working to rehabilitate fear-based rescue dogs.