Christmas 2014

A weekly gathering of friends who provide quilts to people who are ill or in crisis

When we meet

We meet weekly, 9:00-Noon, in the parish hall of Holy Cross Faith Memorial Episcopal Church. All are welcome to come join in our creative, joyful and rewarding work. We are ecumenical in our membership and in our outreach. No required meetings, no dues, no worries. Come and see!

Fall Quilt Auction & Sale

Exciting news - the ministry will hold an auction and sale of all things quilt-related from 9:00-2:00 on September 26 in the church parish hall. Proceeds will be used to raise funds for materials and welcome new friends to join us. All items in the sale/auction were donated by local angels and businesses or composed from donated items. Online pictures coming soon. More details online September 12.

There is truly something for everyone (50+ items): 9 finished quilts - antique to modern, 15 quilt tops, and numerous table toppers, kits and smaller items as well as a “revival” table of gently used books, rulers, gadgets and the like. We are especially excited about two postage stamp tops: one large vintage piece the other a bright modern take by the late reknowned quilter Anne Klouman.