Positions: Research Assistant @BlueCarbonLab & Adjunct Faculty @TulaneEEBiology

Projects:  Blue carbon and ocean wealth in coastal Victoria, Australia & Effects of climate change on  wetland plant communities, Louisiana, USA

Place: Blue Carbon Lab, School of Life and Environmental Sciences, Centre for Integrative
Ecology, Deakin University, 221 Burwood Highway, Burwood, Victoria 3125,Australia

Public Presence: Google Scholar, Publons, Twitter

  Hello! My name is Pawel (Pav). I am field ecologist. I hold a PhD degree from Terrestrial Ecology Research Lab (TERG) at Murdoch University, Western Australia. I am passionate about discovering nature in its undisturbed beauty and creating data-backed narratives that help to understand how natural processes work and how can be restored. My main passion are plants and data science:
  • In 2017 - 2018 I was involved in the ecological research on Gulf of Mexico (Louisiana, USA) where I assisted in designing, setting-up remote field sites, undertaking vegetation surveys, and conducting statistical analyses as part of Farrer Lab, Tulane University. The primary focus of Gulf project was to examine the susceptibility of local wetland ecosystems to invasion by large aquatic macrophytes, such as Phragmites australis.
  • In 2012 - 2016 for my PhD project I examined vegetation communities and their functional diversity in relation to series of restoration treatments with use of transferred topsoil seed bank. My PhD project was supervised by Dr Joe Fontaine, Dr Rachel Standish, Dr Phil Ladd and Prof. Neal Enright, Terrestrial Ecology Research Group at Murdoch University and supported by Dr Mark Brundrett, Department of Parks and Wildlife (now DBCA).
  • In 2011 - 2012, I participated in the research on role of elevated CO2 on susceptibility of 14 invasive plants to chemical control in Australia. This study was a collaborative effort led by Prof. Michelle Leishman,  Plant Invasion and Restoration Ecology Lab, Macquarie University and Dr Paul Downey, Institute for Applied Ecology, University of Canberra and you can learn more on the website devoted to this project here.
  • In 2009 - 2012, I assisted in extensive measurements of plant hydraulic and photosynthetic traits at three latitudinal bands in Eastern Australia (QLD, NSW, TAS). The aim of this study was to examine plant adaptations to different water deficit regimes. These field surveys encompassed plant species identification as well as set of species-level traits measurements such as: plant height, DBH, stem conductivity, photosynthetic rate, respiration rate, pre-dawn potential and cross-sectional anatomy. This study was supervised by Prof. Mark Westoby and led by Dr Sean Gleason of Comparative Ecology Lab, Macquarie University.

Scouting for new field sites around Western Port Bay with Blue Carbon Lab.
[Credit Christina Birnbaum, Aug2018, Western Port Bay, Victoria, Australia]

Helping out on multiple projects on Coastal Victoria with Blue Carbon Lab
[Credit: Paul Carnell, Sep2018, Barwon Heads Field Site Australia]

Vegetation surveys & soil sample collection for Phragmites Project in Farrer Lab 
[Aug2017, Bayou Sauvage, Louisiana, USA].

Laxmannia squarrosa in foreground, Trachymene pilosa right behind 
2 out of 165 species found in my PhD project vegetation survey.
[Nov2013, Anketell, WA, Australia, Photo Credit: Anna Wisolith].