Through this website I wish to introduce myself to the employers, collaborators, friends and people engaged in improving the quality of life. I hope this website will provide essential information about my expertise, skills and future goals. I am looking forward to invest my future in doing research and teaching. Information is being organized under following subheadings.


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Peer reviewed conference papers

  • Pawan Tyagi, B.J. Hinds, D.F. Li, S. Holmes, “Fabrication of stable molecular electrode using patterned edge of a metal/insulator/metal junction” In proceedings  of Sixth IEEE conference on Nanotechnology, IEEE-NANO 2006. Volume 1, 17-20 June 2006, 70 – 73 (2006).
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20011-present   Assistant Professor University of the District of Cloumbia

                                    (School of Engineering and Applied Sciences)


Research: Renewable Energy, Bioengineering, Nanoscale Electronics and Spintronics Devices


2010-2011             Adjunct professor  Johns Hopkins University, USA


Courses: [1] AS 424  Wind Energy: Science Technology and Policy

                      [2] AS 425 Solar Energy: Science Technology and Policy

                      [3] EN 500 Engineering Innovation  


20010-2011             Visiting   University of the District of Cloumbia

                                        Professor (School of Engineering and Applied Sciences)


Courses: [1] Photovoltaic Cells and Solar Thermal Energy Conversion

                      [2] Fuel Cells Fundamentals and Technologies

                      [3] Design of Energy Conversion Systems [Renewable] 

                      [4] Applied Thermodynamics and Energy Conversions

                           [Electrochemistry based Energy Storage and Production] 



2008-2010            Postdoc  Johns Hopkins University, USA

                                      Chem. & Biomol. Eng.

Research topics: Exposed p-n junction solar cells, 3D selfassembly microstructures for biological applications, Nano-neurosensor.


 2002-2008         PhD        University of Kentucky, USA.

                                                        Chem. & Mat. Eng. [GPA 4/4]

Dissertation:Fabrication and Characterization of Molecular Spintronics Devices”. ( Minor degree in Physics)


2000-2002           MS         Indian Istitute of Technology, Kanpur (IITK), India.

                                                      Materials Science. Eng. [GPA 9.3/10]

Dissertation: Photoluminescence and Rutherford Backscattering Studies of Electrochemically Passivated GaAs   


1998-2000     Industrial job, ( Certified quality control engineer and researcher for titanium alloys) Mishra Dhatu Nigam Ltd.,(MIDHANI), India Industry website: http://www.midhani.gov.in/

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