Don’t wait, act today

When you’re family is hungry, you see that this need is taken care of quickly. You don’t put it off until tomorrow, you act immediately to the best of your ability. As a provider to your wife and children, your responsibilities are great and your time is spread thin. It is easy to forget important tasks or let them slip to the backburner for later. 

Everything, including your health, can change in the blink of an eye. Don’t put off today what can’t wait until tomorrow. As your professional Knights of Columbus agent, I urge you to make securing life insurance for you and your family a top priority. 

It is my fraternal obligation to make sure that every member has the opportunity to protect his family with the Order’s top-rated insurance products.  I’ll work with you to put a plan in place that will help your family when that help is what they needed the most. 

Your Knights of Columbus insurance program is second to none.  As the premier safety net for Catholic families for more than 126 years, our insurance program makes me proud. But I’m also concerned that too many of our brother Knights have not yet looked into the needs of their family. I suspect that, for many of them, life insurance has drifted to the backburner until tomorrow. Don’t be one of them; move your insurance needs to the forefront today.

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