Photo Camp

Cameras come in all shapes and sizes.

      Tablets, Phones, Cameras etc

  Seems like there is always one handy.

  Taking pictures has never been easier.
       Auto focus, face finder, exposure control etc

But snapping the photo is just part of the process.

       1) Take the photo
              A) Some sort of camera
              B) Ready  to take the photo
              C) Camera Handling Tips
              D) Group Shots
              E) Composition
                    a) Tips
                    b) Advanced

         2) Storing the picture
              A) memory device 
              B) online, paper, harddrive etc

         3) Tweaking the photo
              A) cropping
              B) adjusting sharpness, color, exposure and contrast
              C) manipulating or changing the image , like photo shopping
              D) GIMP (Free Software)

         4) Sharing or showing the photo to others
              A) Flickr, Google, or other photo sharing
              B) Facebook
              C) Printed Photos on walls or in albums