Creating and Viewing Three Dimensional Photographs

Note: There are lots of ways to accomplish these things. I will tell you what methods and tools that I use. You can adapt these methods to the tools available to you. To view the pairs I use a Hasbro My3d viewer.

1) What are 3D photo pairs?
Two regular photos can be combined to make a 3D pair.
One is viewed by the right eye, the other by the left.
3D photos have been around since the beginning of photography.

2) How does one shoot images that end up in 3D photo pairs?
3D Tutorial
Stereo 3D
Teaching 3D

3) How do I convert two images into a viewable 3D pair on a single jpg file?
As an apple user I use Aperture for image storage and manipulation.  
a) In ‘viewer’ mode I can view both left and right images. I crop them using the custom crop to   453 wide by 640 high. Then ‘export’ them to jpg images, with a maximum of 640x640.
b) Then I open the files in ‘Preview’ (a mac image viewer).
c) I open my template in Seashore (but any image software will work).
d) In ‘Preview’ I ‘copy’ the left image, then ‘paste’ it into the template.
Then do the same for the right image.
e) RENAME and ‘save’ the 3D pair into your designated iPod sync folder.

4) How do I view the 3D pair?
a) Sync the image over to your iPod (or iPhone)
b) Open the photo album that contains the image.
c) Attach the MY3D viewer to your iPod/iPhone and enjoy the 3D.

Other things I am looking into: