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 clouds on the  brain


 The numbers>

 "2018", Although I do not know what they mean? I would like to find out.



In the mouth of madness





  The old fashion way to put wood together. Just look at how much they had to go through for one chair. Amazing to me!



Newspaper articles and mistakes







 Pauls art













Growing Growing Gone





















 Little bit at a time.

 This my first project,  and it  is my  favorite  of course. I had to start again after the polly was applied too thick when I wasn't watching.  Not naming any names, but this one turned out to be more work than i had anticipated. That's why all my projects are done by me and only me. I have an issue with trust now(I'm kidding).









    Pauls home




                                        First coat

                                         End table 

       A little smaller than the table at the top of the page.

                       Really close to being done now.




< Old project





Working on it.










My first guitar  No strings attached



Phooze ball 



 The chair I just started as a project for my grandham(thats what I call grandma.  Not sure how long that will take. Matching the color she wants will be the hard part. So far I do this to take my mind off things.

I do have two sanders that are able to be used. But I enjoy sanding by hand. Like I said it takes my mind off things.

Pauls family and friends


Almost done sanding.


Pauls blog

The amusement machine

Got the top of table sanded

This table is like the last..(at the top). Except it's an end table, not a center table.











































This guitar took alot of beating I'm surprised it is intact at all.