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Thomas A. Edison

 Lived to be 84 years young and patented an impressive 1,093 inventions. although he did not always work alone,  that's still impressive. Considering his first invention was at the age of  22 in the year of 1869.



 All throughout the middle of this page?



  William Ramsey and Morris W. Travers discovered, (and get this) Krypton.

 Kr, 36

Way back in 1898

 Here I was thinking it's just in the movies "Superman."

little  do I know!




 Did you know Leonardo da Vinci was a vegitarian, loved pets and despised war? Even though he worked as a military engineer and invented highly advanced  deadly weapons.

 He also had ideas and  scientific discoveries that he never published.

Thats amazing to me!

 Key Stories

 November  2005

 Benjammin A. Wright's keys were taken away from him on his 55th birthday party, from his friends and family. To ensure his safety. For he was to intoxicated to drive and should stay at his sons place. He left for a smoke  but then decided to walk home. He was fatally hit by a car. 54 year old woman with no alcohol in her system. She simply did not see him.

 Sultan, Washington




    legalize cat     hunting? 

Mark Smith a 48 year old firefighter, claims the cats kill his wild birds that come around to his bird feeder. In Wisconsin over a four year study, trapped over 100 cats and analyzed their stomachs. Estimated 7 billion  219 million birds are killed by rural cats in a year. That's only Wisconsin.




 A teenager in  Winnipeg Shawn  Hacking, was hit by a flying goose who had misjudged its landing and knocked him off his skateboard. Injuries include wrist sprain, both knees scraped, shirt was ripped, and a red mark on his face where the goose hit him.  Shawns friend who witnessed it said "It was so funny, but I felt sorry for him at the same time. It flew out of nowhere and then...wham bam!"

 In the mouth of maddness



  Man killed with umbrella in Hiroshima.

  Toshimi Kuwrabara, age 55 staggered into his mothers house with multible stab wounds. He was taken to the hospital only to die an hour later.  Wittnesses say they heard a loud argument resulting with a young man dressed in a navy suit fleeing from the scene with a black umbrella.

















Pauls friends and family






















 Frank Whittle

Designed and patented a jet aircraft engine. Born in 1907

Any Red Wing hockey fans out there.

Below is a mistake.  They spell Kronwall incorrectly.

It's straight from the NHL.  Not too good?

(But you have to double click on the image for best results)

 Squirrels birth control?

They have tried poison,gassing and even euthanasia to control the population of squirrels in Palisades park.

Starting this summer in 

Santa Monica Calif. 

The immuno-contraceptive

It seems like a waste of money to me?


NASA decides there not going to track Devistating  asteroids, due to not enough money?

NASA can find 90% of the 20,000 within the next 13 years but that would cost a Billion dollars. 


Senior groups kills mugger:

A group of  senior U.S. citizens, were on a tour bus in Costa Rica. 3 muggers who were armed, tried to rob them on the bus but instead were fought off. 

Killing 1 of the men, the other two perpetrators fled the scene of the crime...



Click to enlarge picture above.

#9 and #12

Two Helmets? it should be "hairnet"


A man in Egypt put in jail for his blog:

Convicted Thursday, sentenced 4 years in prison for insulting Islam and Egypt's president...


Notice how I started to circle accordion below but realized there was a "p" instead of an "o".

After hours of staring at it trying to find another instrument I gave up. So the next day I was curious as to what the answer was.

Turned out it was a miss print because the next days answers showed it as accordion.



I read in the newspaper the other day that wine counteracts against obesity.

The study was done on mice though. But if that is true, people may want to consider drinking more wine.

I also read that if you smoke enough marijuana your less likely to end up having alzheimers disease.

It does not however, help with your response time. Yes, it's true. It dosen't help you become more intelligent either.

You have to see the red wings win in a shootout.

Preseason Sunday

What I really want to see is Pavel Datsyuk


He's a rising star in my opinion.



9-27-2006 7:45 p.m.

Found out this morning on the news.


Terrel Owens

Tries to commit suicide by taking too many pill's!

I wonder what he's got to worry about?

Maybe he's worried about the Lions?

That's weird? I don't understand SUICIDES?

Is it that bad in your life?


News Flash!!!

I don't think the Detroit Lions are going to make it?

To bad that's not news.


I'm a little surprised at this considering I live in Redford. But if CNN says it... Well then it must be true?

July 4, 2006

Steve Yzerman 22 years with us on the Red Wings. 19 of those years as Captain. Quickly he quotes,"For me, it's a day of mixed emotions, and I know there's a lot of referees in the National Hockey League doing cartwheels today with my forthcoming announcement."

All of these ads and pictures are real.

August 17, 2004

This picture reads "A fighter loyal to Shiite Muslim cleric Muqtada alSadar carries a rocket-propelled grenade launcher next to a burning vehicle after violence erupted in the southern city of Basra, Iraq, today." Just sounds horrible.



I think it should be "GRAND RE-OPENING".

John, a guy I WORK WITH RECognized the improper grammer on the one above. He says they need to go back to school!

This article above that goes along with picture of the guy with a rocket propelled grenade launcher. I noticed a mistake while I was reading it. Now I'm not perfect, but my job is not a newspaper writer or an editor. Correct me if I'm wrong but second paragraph right after "killing seven people and......(it says wounding twice)."

Detroit Area

Try and find the mistake with this ad below.

Take a real close look at this ad about the wine of the week. Twice they made the same mistake.

It's a small mistake but the bottle on the left does not say the full Leelanau "cellars".

I wouldn't have noticed except that every ad but this particular one is quite detailed. I assume either they had a deadline, or just plain laziness. We all make mistakes right?

At first I thought this was too small of a mistake to even show, but I see it way to often. See if you can find it?

Same day and the same newspaper, of the rocket-propelled launcher story...

August 17, 2004

My newspaper fame

Front page

Fraternity house touch-ups

It reads "Paul Clos of Michigan applies a base color of stain to the brick exterior of the Farmhouse fraternity in Urbana on Monday. Clos and his co-workers with (name of company) began staining the bricks and mortor of the fraternity house early last week. The project will take the workers more than two weeks to complete."

Don't I feel special!

Nature's Wallpaper 



 On to  Bangladesh a snake charmer Dudu Miah was called to a womans home, to find over 3,000 snakes and hundreds of eggs under the  womans house. Unusual

An officer outside a police station in Hong Kong was mugged. Using only a knife, the attacker took his gun, twelve rounds of ammunition, and  his police radio. The attacker is trying to be located. No  one was hurt. 2005



Jacksonville Illinois

September 9-12

 1,400 male inmates were on lockdown after an assistant warden loss a set of keys for the Jacksonville correctional center. They were in lockdown for over 3 days.

Here are some people that moved the world of  science along  in history.

 Helen Marie         Dyer

Reserched chemotherapy



   The Graveyard


 2005 october   31st 12:41 p.m.

 Pastor Kyle Lake at the University Babtist church in Waco Texas was performing a babtism. When he was electrocuted by grabbing a microphone while partially submerged in water. The woman recieving the baptism was not seriously injured but was taken to the hospital as a precaution. Interim vice president for student life at Baylor University, says Lake was "very gifted" in reaching the students and making the gospel "come alive" for them.

 Thank's to my Dad for letting me know,   "babtism" was spelled wrong.

 I appreciate it.




  Dog owner  Haroldo  Renato Mota  was surprised when his dog brought back a grenade. When the dog dropped a grenade on the floor of his home and it started to smoke, Haroldo took action. Police were called to detonate the weapon. Haroldo  states his dog has been known to bring back unusual things in the past like an old bicycle wheel, and a .22 caliber revolver.




Better than MTV








 Stanley B. Prusiner 

He Discovered prions(a new biological princible of infection)Won the Nobel Prize










 clouds on the brain















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<  This particular picture was taken in Urbana Illinois by a nice young woman named Heather Colt.  It ended up in the Gazette!

 The bosses were too busy to speak with her so I got the recognition. Listening to people does pay off sometimes.

I'm not sure if she still works as a photographer at the Gazette, but  I would hire her indefinately. 

She deserves a raise in my opinion for even putting up with my X bosses.  And I quote.....

"Very Good work!"   She did her job well.

by Heather Colt.

Picture released Tuesday, August  17, 2004

Old news aye.

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