In the mouth of madness

You won't believe your mouth ?

 That is not the iside of my mouth, but I do wonder who's it  is?>









Classic fight between Patrick Roy and Chris Osgood. I believe Osgood won that particular fight. 



























 Great picture of  Canada somewhere near Michigan.


















 Old camera.




















































Coconut Head?























See the horse shoe on the left of the camera? See if you can find another photograph in this  website with a horse shoe that is in the picture also. Just for fun of course. (I'll give a hint.....It's not on this page).








pic's of ants are as                        real as it get's.








            Ant tunnels.


 This is what we found when we removed these paver blocks.







 I'm not really into  ants  but when I'm  reminded of  what they can  do  I'm  automatically  fascinated.


After  we  took  the  blocks  off they  almost  immediately, were  running  back  into  their  tunnels  that  led  further into the  underground.












































 Egg shell's are a good thing to detour ant's from coming around.











 Ant has an exoskeleton which enables it to lift ten times it's own weight.

Believe it or not?
















          Pauls home
















Or your eyes .......





































                                         Paul says not to worry.