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Newspaper articles 





My grandhams chair



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If you can't get enough of raytracing and doing different things with the computer? Then you need to check out the amusementmachine with Lee and Mark.


Nature's Wallpaper


Now on the other hand, your into plants and worldly issues,

geothermalpower,solar and even stocks? Check out... Dans Growing      Growing Gone.    

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Pavel Datsyuk 



 They're supposed to be my friends!



Halloween 2 years ago



This is my backyard below.

Notice the power lines?

Kinda hard to miss eh.

I thought it was a nice touch.


                                        Cedar Point (below)

 My sister Kim 

Supposedly, she was more scared than me.

What do you think?  








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I would like to thank you personally if you are reading this. 



I applaud you for finding my google page. 



 I lived in Michigan all of my life. 

It's not bad, except for the cold weather.

Me personally? 

I'll never get used to it.      

    the graveyard


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