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This is the personal Google site for Paul Whiteley, a researcher based in the North-East of England. Don't confuse me with this chap also called Paul Whiteley who is a Prof. compared with me, a lowly PhD. This site is a one-stop shop to [nearly] all the things I do. I know the background to this site may look like the linoleum on your kitchen/bathroom floor but I like it. Click on a link below to see how I spend a lot of my time.

The place where I am lucky enough to be able to indulge my passion and enthusiasm for research and earn a crust. ESPA Research based in Sunderland (UK) is involved in various investigations pertinent to the autism spectrum conditions and in particular, the possibility that a gluten- and/or casein-free (GFCF) diet might, just might, ameliorate some of the signs and symptoms associated with some cases of autism. I know it might sound a little bit strange that diet might do more than affect physical health but there are some very good examples of a diet-mental health link starting with that drop of blood that they take from every newborn child. At ESPA Research, we also like to dabble in the science of metabolomics; that is looking for potential non-invasive biological markers or signatures that could either aid the diagnosis of autism or help to understand who might be best- and non-responders to interventions such as the GFCF diet. We have the technology - or at least some very nice equipment based on Q-ToF mass spectrometry.
A list of my published research down the years can be found on my Google Scholar page.
My work email address is: paul [dot] whiteley@espa-research [dot] org [dot] uk 

My first attempt at blogging principally about the autism research landscape. If you enjoy some science and reading about published research on autism and other related conditions, take a look or even better show how popular I am (not!) and become a follower. No medical or other advice is given or intended and keep in mind that science is all about probabilities rather than absolutes.

I wouldn't say that I'm obsessed with the gastrointestinal (GI) tract or gut, but more and more, I'm coming to realise that our genetics and brain may not be the only masters of our health, well-being, everyday functioning and destiny. Your gut is home to trillions of bacteria; all talking to one and another and importantly, seemingly talking to various other organs and bodily functions. That and the other various processes on-going in our deepest, darkest recesses makes for some interesting research and discussion. This blog discusses various published research on some of those functions - same caveats as above. You want to see me rant about this, then look no further.

Another of my blogs (I think I may have a blogging problem) which basically just posts links to published research that I find of interest. Updated less frequently than the other blogs but worth a look (IMHO).

I have also discovered the wonders of social networking and how science moves easily and quickly around the web. When you start to get the news headlines a few hours before the mainstream news, you kinda understand how important these services might be. A few of my hang-outs:

140 characters or less. I can't remember what they call those people who tweet continually but I am well on that road with some (hopefully) interesting tweets on science, research and the occasional factoid

For those longer and more complex discussions on the ways of the world.

For all those very professional discussions.

For those pictures and quotes which supposedly stand the test of time, or at least raise a smile.

Amateur science writer
Alongside my research career and all that science blogging I'm developing a taste for some science writing. I've been lucky enough to be involved in writing a few science articles for places like the Pharmaceutical Journal and more autism-specific magazines (see here and see here for a few examples). I'm also involved in a book deal which came out in April 2014 (see here).

I'm also a director of Analutos, a company offering various analytical services to individuals and organisations. Your mass spectrometer or mine? I'm also a shareholder in The Autism Food Club too but at the moment draw no monies from either.

I think that's about everything. I will try and update this site as and when new things pop into my head but can't guarantee that it will be often. Thanks for dropping by and have a song on me.

Last updated: January 2014