Vancouver 14-12-'78

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Avenue: PNE Coliseum

Attendance: unknown

Lineage: AUD > Tape > WAV > FLAC

Quality: EX- 



Disc 1 (38:39)

1. We Will Rock You (fast version)

2. Let Me Entertain You

3. Somebody To Love

4. If You Can't Beat 'Em Join 'Em

5. Death On Two Legs > (medley start)

6. Killer Queen >

7. Bicycle Race >

8. I'm In Love With My Car (medley end)

9. Get Down Make Love

10. You're My Best Friend

tape flip


Disc 2 (77:27)

1. Now I'm Here

2. Spread Your Wings

3. Dreamer's Bar

4. Love Of My Life

5. '39

6. It's Late

7. Brighton Rock >

8. Roger Taylor's tympani solo >

9. Brian May's guitar solo >

10. Jam

tape flip

11. Fat Bottomed Girls

12. Keep Yourself Alive

13. Bohemian Rhapsody

14. Tie Your Mother Down

1st encore (tape edit)

15. Sheer Heart Attack

2nd encore (tape edit)

16. We Will Rock You (slow version) >

17. We Are The Champions

18. outtro

This show is really amazing as the set-list and the audience.Originally recorded by Fred W. from right up front and center. Lineage: Fred's mics and rig (unsure - Marantz?)>Maxell UD90 tapes>vintage Akai replay deck (azimuth adjusted, no Dolby)>Sentrek 12 band analog EQ (minor low and high boost)>Denon DRM500 recording deck (Dolby on for recording) to make my tape copy>Maxell XL II 90>played back on same Denon DRM500 (azimuth re-adjusted, no Dolby)>Sentrek 12 band analog EQ (more lows and highs, shaping upper bass/lower mids)>SoundBlaster live! 5.1 card (grounded and tweaked)>Wavelab 4.0(track markers only, no digital processing at all).  

A must have for the brilliant quality!