Rules N' Traders

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Follow these simple rules to have a good trade:


•I don't sell any concerts;

•I trade only lossless concerts; I accept lossy recordings only if that source is the only one available;

•No 2 seconds gaps between the tracks (if burned into Audio CD);

•I trade via post service or the Net; now, because of a tremendous lack of time, I trade via the NET; I'll trade via post service only for big trades.

•Do not write on discs; just put a piece of paper with written what show is;

•I do not have art-works, but I'll be glad to send you a link of these if I have it;

•I do not send discs in jewel-case;

•If I send you a faulty copied disc, send me the bad disc and I'll send you a good copy; I expect you to do the same;

•i don't mind about the mark of the CD/DVD: I just want them to work, stop.

Good traders 

Name: Jorge "Dragoon Attack" Soares

Country: Portugal

Contact: list wish-list e-mail

My opinion: very friendly, extremely generous, good contact, an awesome trader.


Name: Nareg Mikaelian

Country: Lebanon

Contact: e-mail web-site

My opinion: nice and polite guy, it's a pleasure to trade with him. He collects mostly DVDs. Great trader.


Name: Piotrek, a.k.a. ''PiotreQ''

Country: Poland

Contact: e-mail web-site

My opinion: very fast and accurate, friendly. Great trader. I'I traded with him via the Net.


Name: Anthony Dejo

Country: unknown

Contact: e-mail 

My opinion: very fast, he asked me a show and in the same mail he sent me the links for the show he would give me; I'd like him to be more ''talkative''... great trader. 

It has been a huge pleasure to trade with all of you, and I'd love to do it again!

Bad traders

No-one's is in the list yet, but please don't be the first to be put here!