San Francisco 30-03-'75

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Avenue: Winterland Ballroom

Attendance: unknown

Lineage: Aud > Cdr (x) > WAV > FLAC [Level 8]

Quality: Good-


      CD1 Running Time: 11'19''

1. Procession 1:05
2. Now I'm Here 5:11
3. Ogre Battle 5:03

      Total Running Time:  11'19''

This is an incomplete recording of the show with only the first three songs, perhaps the whole show is taped. Quality is bad, but at least it's a bit enjoyable if you're a die-hard listener; the tracks are a little bit slow,I'm trying to correct it but I'm not good in editing tracks...there is also a tremendous and noisy click at the beginning of ''Procession'', but I corrected it. After ''Now I'm Here'', Freddie talk to the audience: ''Thank you! And good evening! The nasty Queen is back! What do you think of that? This is's really nice to be back...really is...thank you very much for the nice welcome...right now we'd like to do ''Ogre Battle''! ''.

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