Philadelphia 20-11-'78

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Avenue: The Spectrum

Attendance: unknown

Lineage: (unknown) ->FLAC -> WAV -> Remastering -> FLAC (level 8)

Quality: VG


Disc 1:
01. We will rock you (fast)
02. Let me entertain you
03. Somebody to love
04. If you can't beat them
05. Death on two legs
06. Killer queen
07. Bicycle race
08. I'm in love with my car
09. Get down make love
10. You're my best friend
11. Now I'm here
12. Spread your wings

Disc 2:
01. Dreamer's ball
02. Love of my life
03. '39
04. It's late
05. Brighton rock
06. Fat bottomed girls
07. Keep yourself alive
08. Bohemian rhapsody
09. Tie your mother down
10. Sheer heart attack
11. We will rock you
12. We are the champions
13. God save the queen (cut)

Nice recording, onyl VG quality but still enjoyable. Original notes by Tim Goossens (the guy who remastered this show):

'' Nice show! Here and there some cuts, probably caused by tape changes or moving the recording device. I don't know what else to say about it. I removed the clicks between the tracks and four other clicks that appeared on the recording. 'God save the queen' stops after nine seconds... who cares ;)Enjoy! Cheers, Tim (Epic Dreams) '' says:

"After the second song, Freddie says, "It's nice to be back here in Filthy-delphia," to a mixture of cheers and boos. "I gotcha!" He tries to recover with a usual, "We're gonna have a good show tonight; I can tell," but I'm not entirely convinced he won everyone over so quickly! After Dreamers Ball, he attempts to recover: "Philadelphia seems to be nice for us." He gets a great cheer for it.

Like a few nights ago in New York, before If You Can't Beat Them, it seems something has been thrown on stage, and Freddie says, "What's this? It's almost Christmas." After '39, Freddie says, "You guys say something, go!" He then holds the mic out for a few audience members, and they shout little more than inaudible gibberish.

Freddie, at the end of the show: "Thank you, Philadelphia. We shall always remember you." "