Milano 15-09-'84

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Avenue: Palazzetto dello Sport

Attendance: 8,000

Lineage: master tape > WAV > FLAC (I also have a mix between the bootlegs ''We Will Love You'' and                        Elizabeth II'')

Quality: Ex-



CD 1  Running Time: 61'30''

01. Machines Intro - Tear It Up 2:48
02. Tie Your Mother Down 3:54
03. Under Pressure 3:46
04. Somebody To Love 4:11
05. Killer Queen 2:24
06. Seven Seas Of Rhye 1:21
07. Keep Yourself Alive 2:38
08. Liar 2:38
09. Vocal Improvisation - It's A Hard Life 6:17
10. Mustapha Intro 0:32
11. Dragon Attack 5:19
12. Now I'm Here 5:25
13. Is This The World We Created? 3:15
14. Love Of My Life 5:17
15. Stone Cold Crazy - Great King Rat - Spike Edney Keyboards Solo - Guitar Solo - Brighton Rock Finale 11:45

CD 2 Running Time 45'06''

01. Another One Bites The Dust 4:05
02. Hammer To Fall 5:20
03. Crazy Little Thing Called Love 6:01
04. Bohemian Rhapsody 6:01
05. Radio Ga Ga 6:36
06. I Want To Break Free 3:56
07. Jailhouse Rock 5:16
08. We Will Rock You (Slow) 2:15
09. We Are The Champions 3:46
10. God Save The Queen1:50

Total Running Time: 106:36 (6'30'' +45'06'')


This recording comes directly from the master recently (May 2008) shared on DimeADozen by vittoriopic; he says he bought the tape from the taper himself a couple of days after the show. The quality is really nice, I rate it as Ex- (even if it's worse on the second CD) : it's a great upgrade from the previous bootlegs. There are four versions of this show: the ''We Will Love You'' CD (which is a mix between both nights), a version shared on QueenZone by Bootluca, the ''Elizabeth II''LP and this one. The Elizabeth II's source is this one but the LP misses a lot of songs from the first part of the show! I'll try to figure out the speeches later! One curious thing: on the first verse of ''Under Pressure'' a girl screams ''E David Bowie dov'è?'', which can be translated in English as ''And where's David Bowie?''. These thing make me laugh everytime I hear it!

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