London 13.09.73

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Avenue: Golders Green Hippodrome

Attendance: unknown

Lineage: "Queen Will Be Crowned" silver->EAC->WAV->FLAC (Flac frontend level 8)

Quality: Ex


      CD 1 Running time: 38'22'

1. Introduction/Procession 1:33
2. Father To Son 5:23
3. Son And Daughter 7:06
4. See What A Fool I've Been 4:40
5. Ogre Battle 4:38
6. Band Introduction 0:36
7. Liar 7:19
8. Jailhouse Rock/Stupid Cupid/Be Bop A Lula/Jailhouse Rock 3:47
9. Big Spender/Bama Lama Bama Loo 3:16

      Total Running Time: 38'22'

This recording comes from the ''Queen Will Be Crowned'' silver, and it's the most complete show available (it's complete); there's another source of this one (which seems to be a radio broadcast), the ''Pop Spectacular'' bootleg, which is directly from the BBC tapes (so quality is higher) but is missing of every song after Liar. In 1973 BBC wanted to record a Queen show for its programme ''In Concert'' , so the company asked the group for a single gig. It took place at the Golders Green Hippodrome and started with a early version of Procession, which is quite different from the album version; it was a strange idea to open a concert with a taped intro, but the audience ejoyed it as the rest of the concert. This is the earliest recording of the group, the first soundboard one and one of the first gigs; John Deacon is referred to as Deacon John, like on the sleeve of their first LP. The sound is very good (I rate it as Excellent), but Freddie's voice has too much reverb in my opinion.  A BBC spokeman introduces the band and the songs, so there are no Freddie's typical speeches :-(

Frequency Analysis pic


Spectrum pic


Mp3 sample sound