London 13.07.1985 'Live Aid'

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Avenue: Wembley Stadium

Date: 13.07.1985

Lineage: BBC -> unkown -> FLAC

Quality: Ex+


   CD 1      Running Time: 27'21''

1.Intro Speech (Mel Smith and another guy) 3'09''
2.Bohemian Rhapsody (intro) 2'22''
3.Radio Ga Ga 4'00''
4.Vocal Improvisation 0'40''
5.Hammer To Fall 4'46''
6.Crazy Little Thing Called Love 3'37''
7.We Will Rock You (first verse, chorus and solo) 1'16''
8.We Are The Champions 3'42''
9.Radio commentary and introduction of Freddie and Brian 0'46''
10. Is This The World We Created? (Freddie and Brian) 2'57''

      Total Running Time 21'27''   


The recording comes from the BBC, it's in stereo and quality is simply outstanding!

Queen were asked in 1985 to play in a charity-aimed festival, and at the beginning they rejected it;luckily they accepted it later: they were part of the Live Aid festival, the biggest event of all times! Each group had about 20 minute to perform, couldn't have a soundcheck or play in playback. Queen decided to perform the best songs of their repertoire, they played only the second verse (?) and the solo of Bohemian Rhapsody; as Brian finished his amazing solo, the music went straight off into Radio Ga Ga; they only played the first verse, the chorus and the solo of We Will Rock You. According to Bob Geldof, Elton John and almost everyone who played at the/attended the/listenet to the Live Aid they stole the scene: they played beautifully as they never did, Freddie was litterally on fire! This exibithion had a positive response on Queen, so they wrote togheter ''One Vision'' and entered the studio to record the ''A Kind Of Magic'' album.... don't miss this recording!

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