Newcastle 09-07-'86

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Avenue: St. James Park

Attendance: 38,000

Lineage: unknown (this might come from Wardour's ''One Sweet Moment'' because I have the artwork of                    this bootleg with the recording)

Quality: EX-


       CD 1

01.  5:57      One vision
02.  3:54    Tie your mother down
03.  2:31     In the laps of the gods... revisited
04.  1:17    Seven seas of rhye
05.  2:11    Tear it up
06.  8:31     A kind of magic
07.  3:45    Under pressure
08.  4:49    Another one bites the dust
09.  4:43     Who wants to live forever
10.  3:27    I want to break free
11.  3:57    Impromptu
12.  7:09    Guitar solo
13.  6:07    Now I'm here
14.  4:54    Love of my life
15.  3:11    Is this the world we created?
16.  1:25    Baby I don't care
17.  1:40    Hallo Mary Lou
18.  3:44    Tutti frutti
19.  5:45    Bohemian rhapsody
20.  5:15    Hammer to fall
21.  5:34    Crazy little thing called love
22.  7:16    Radio ga ga
23.  2:51    We will rock you
24.  2:02      Friends will be friends
25.  3:59    We are the champions
26.  1:13    God save the Queen

(later I'll organise the tracks in a better division)


This is the first concert of the British leg of the Magic Tour; Queen gave every money earned with the concert to the ''Save The Children Found''; even Harvey Goldsmith, formed tour organizer, contribuited to gave money to the found. According to several people, the concert went sold out with-in the amazing record of one hour! Freddie  said in a funny way that this concert was ''one of our smallest halls''! VVery nice show, quality is Ex-, but in ''Now I'm Here'' you can hear a worse sound because a piece of this song is missing on the master tape, so it was filled with the right piece but of a worse source! Notice that Brian starts to play too early in ''I Want To Break Free'', he realises he's wrong and he re-do it right; then Freddie says ''That's better!''. Right before introducing ''Is This The World We Created'' Brian tells the audience about the charity and the found: ''The proceeds of this concert are going to the Save The Children people. For you, and to all the people who work for the Save The Children the whole year round''  (Thank you Bob for helping me with this speech!). Also the ''I committed no crime'' line is sung in strange and nice way! There is also a DVD of this show, it's about 82 minutes long and it's filmed just off the floor giving a good view of the stage, but the lightning is awful. 15 minutes of the show are professionaly filmed for a TV broadcast (that I have). Brian came to Newcastle on 8th  of July  in order to  join a  TV program where he talked about the concert and the charity found. The rest of the group arrived to the city with a private jet. I really raccomend to get this TV special (that includes the footage of the gig - I have this one) because it's a really nice testimoniance of a great performance.

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