Chicago 07-12-'78

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Avenue: The Stadium

Attendance: unknown 

Lineage: Master (Technics RS-646DS) > WAV > CDR (2) > WAV > GoldWave (edits smoothed out) > FLAC                   frontend level 8

Quality: EX


   Disc 1:

1. We Will Rock You (fast) 3:58
2. Let Me Entertain You 4:26
3. Somebody To Love 7:15
4. If You Can't Beat Them 5:32
5. Death On Two Legs 3:08
6. Killer Queen 2:00
7. Bicycle Race 1:29
8. I'm In Love With My Car 2:07
9. Get Down Make Love 6:18
10. You're My Best Friend 2:54
11. Now I'm Here  6:05
12. Don't Stop Me Now (segment, cuts out) 0:36

   Disc 2:

1. Spread Your Wings 5:45
2. Dreamers Ball 4:33
3. Love Of My Life 3:59
4. '39 3:41
5. It's Late 7:23
6. Brighton Rock 14:49
7. Fat Bottomed Girls 4:24
8. Keep Yourself Alive 5:48
9. Bohemian Rhapsody 5:19
10. Tie Your Mother Down 3:37
11. Sheer Heart Attack 3:38
12. We Will Rock You 2:29
13. We Are The Champions 3:18
14. God Save The Queen 0:21


No doubt that is the best recording of the Jazz tour; quality is simply Excellent, in fact this recording comes directly from the master (the taper is, or was, the owner of the avenue!), so there's no better version! There are some cuts after the piano intro of 'Don't Stop Me Now' (maybe they've played it - it's strange because it would be the first and only time they've played this song in the Jazz Tour!), at the end of 'Fat Bottomed Girls', during 'We Are The Champions' and 'God Save The Queen' is cut very early.  Freddie's voice isn't at the top as he would be in December, but this show is highly raccomended to listen to because of the great quality. After 'Dreamer's Ball' Brian says that John and Roger are going backstage; suddenly, Freddie says: ''Yeah, I think those two have gone backstage to get some blowjobs or something like that. They have all the luck, and we do all the work!'', so he introduce a ''Transform from the original version'', 'Love Of My Life'. After this beautiful - as always!- version of the A Night At The Opera's song, John and Roger came back to the stage and Freddie tell them if they've enjoyed their blow-jobs; Brian May says: ''They've all come back again with smiles on their faces''! Funny moments, that were Queen. Brian May this night is playing very good, the tapping part in 'It's Late' (don't forget that at this time Van Halen have just released their first record) and  the guitar solo in 'Brighton Rock' really kick ass! Too bad he might have a cold since his voice is more nasal than the usual. Have you seen Brian, not to listen to the mum? :-P

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