Stafford 06-05-'78

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Avenue: New Bingley Hall

Attendance: unknown

Lineage: AUD > ? > CD received in a trade > WAV > FLAC (level 8) in TLH

Quality: Poor


      CD1 Running Time: 58'37'' 

1. We Will Rock You (slow) 2:03
2. We Will Rock You (fast) 3:01
3. Brighton Rock 4:25
4. Somebody To Love 6:51
5. Death on Two Legs 4:45
6. Killer Queen 2:10
7. Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy 2:32
8. I'm In Love With My Car 2:16
9. Get Down Make Love (cut) 1:13
10. The Millionaire Waltz 4:12
11. You're My Best Friend 2:06
12. Spread Your Wings 6:37
13. It's Late 7:26
14. Now I'm Here 5:17
15. Love Of My Life 4:17

        Total Running Time: 58'37''


A shame. It's truly a shame to me that the quality is that bad. There's too much distortion and the sound is too muffled to enjoy the concert; and it seems to be a good night! Queen played this gig as the first of five shows in U.K.; this is the first time Freddie has stopped the audience to let it sing ''Love Of My Life'' and he has entered the stage with leather-clothes.

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