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Welcome to the Paul and Vicki Terhorst Travel, Early Retirement, and Contemplation Page

             We are Paul and Vicki Terhorst. We retired young and are now perpetual travelers.
    We updated this page in Paris, France April 12, 2014. 

This page let's you know of our whereabouts, how to contact us, and what's going on in our lives. 
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Paul settled into an apartment in Paris in late March.  Read about his first week in:
Also published in Live and Invest Overseas in March: 
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Vicki stayed in Portland until the end of March for her mother's 90th-birthday parties, with two grand 
family celebrations.

'April in Paris'

It's been 10 years since we've had an extended stay in Paris.  
Visiting with friends tops
our to-do list.  Next comes walking the historic streets (in and around Paris), museums, wine,
stinky cheese with crispy baguettes, fine food and of course a morning cafe with a croissant.

Here's a reflection of Paris captured in windows. 


And what's Paris without photos of the Eiffel Tower?  
We took the first shot from the garden of the new Quai Branly Museum 
 One enters the museum exhibits via an incredible art installation of a river of words

We continue with the same plan B as before so I suppose, by now, plan B becomes Plan A. 
We fly to Thailand in early May and stay until late June.  
Then we zip back to Paris for a few days before heading to England for a month or so. 



A few 2013 articles published in Live and Invest Overseas:

Kathleen Peddicord, publisher of Live and Invest Overseas, asked Paul for a bit of research and editing support for her blog on the Huffington Post's Post50 blogs.  Later the articles are also published in the Live and Invest Overseas eletter.

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We wrote Cashing In on the American Dream, published by what is now Bantam Doubleday Dell, in 1988.  Even though the book is out of date and out of print, it is still considered a classic read for anyone considering early retirement.


This month ends the contemplation series 'Revelations from Your Innermost Self' 

Thank you to everyone who joined with me (Vicki) in the Revelation contemplation practice. 


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