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We updated this page from Kyiv, Ukraine on March 31, 2016.  

Find Vicki's Contemplation Photos at the very bottom of this page.

We wrap up our three-week stay in Kyiv (Kiev), Ukraine on April 4th.  And we wrapped up too, 
as the temps hovered around freezing during our first 10 days here. We warmed up in cute cafes drinking coffee and trying out a pastry or two. You can read of our first impressions by clicking on Paul's article: Ukraine May Be At War, But I Like It 

Ukraine mourns.  Around the Maidan (Independence) Square, in the historic center of Kyiv, 
shrines honor the fighters who died in the Revolution of Dignity 2013-2014. 

 Art reflects the unraveling of modern Ukrainian society.

Photos from the National Museum of Ukrainian History (double click on the photos to see them full size):


Photos from Vicki's favorite installation at the Pinchuk Art Center exhibition 
of the finalists for the Pinchuk Prize 2015 for young Ukrainian artists:


Then again, life goes on every day, all day. 

Some reflections:


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We wrote Cashing In on the American Dream, published by what is now Bantam Doubleday Dell, in 1988.  Even though the book is out of date and out of print, it is still considered a classic read for anyone considering early retirement.

    Overview of 2016

In April we will travel around both Armenia and Georgia, then Paris. 
In May Vicki flies to the West Coast of the USA while Paul stays put in France and Spain. 
Early June you'll find us in Paris and then we head back to Bangkok.
July Paul has a guy trip to Vietnam planned.  
And still on the agenda, at some point after September, Vicki plans to visit Buenos Aires.

Contemplation Photos

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