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 We are Paul and Vicki Terhorst. We retired young and are now perpetual travelers.
We updated this page from Kuala Lumpur Malaysia on November 5, 2016.
Happy Thanksgiving


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A warm welcome, one last time, to our homepage. 

A heartfelt thank you to everyone who reads our page whether this is your first time or if you've been checking in on us for years. Some of you have been reading this homepage for a couple of decades. Yep, the Paul and Vicki Terhorst Travel, Early Retirement and Contemplation page began in 1996. Cutting edge at the time.  Now there are a gazillion similar pages and blogs on the WWW along with sites like Facebook and Twitter where people instantly chronicle their comings and goings. Terrific news.

We are headed to Buenos Aires on November 10th and looking forward to being with our many friends there. Right now we are in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for a few days. 

A couple of weeks before we left Bangkok, the King of Thailand died - a momentous moment for Thais who dearly loved and honored their king.  In Bangkok most Thais dressed in mourning colors of black and/or white. Wearing somber clothes or a black bow will continue for thirty days as the way Thais show respect for King Bhumibol. Many buildings decked out their fences with black and white streamers and put up photos, both inside and outside, honoring King Bhumibol. All digital advertising halted, and instead, the digital billboards showed photos and information in black and white about King Bhumibol. For the first 15 days, Thai TV channels either covered the many royal ceremonies and/or showed old black and white films/videos of the beloved King. No music played over loudspeakers in public spaces and even taxis turned off their radios - astounding quiet. 

Daily life in Bangkok continues at a subdued and peaceful pace. 

People ask what we will do when we can no longer live the way we do now as perpetual travelers.  That's easy to answer, we'll change how we live. We figure it's impossible to know the future. We live with the uncertainty while having 'just in case' game plans in mind. 
A friend made an apropos poster from a photo we took in Luang Namtha, Laos in 2013:

Right now, our life continues, as the Thais say, same-same. We wake up content and grateful every morning, wherever we happen to be. 
The photo below is the view from our hotel room in Kuala Lumpur.

Contemplation photos 
(India, USA, Thailand, Argentina, China)


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