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 We are Paul and Vicki Terhorst. We retired young and are now perpetual travelers.
This page lets you know our whereabouts, how to contact us, and what's going on in our lives.

We updated this page, about our recent travels, from Chiang Mai, Thailand on August 31, 2016.
We've been moving around.  We've visited family, old and new friends, favorite cities plus a 
couple of new 'somewheres'. We snapped the above photos during our two Parisian spring visits. 

Find Vicki's Contemplation Photos at the very bottom of this page.

Here There and Everywhere

Vicki celebrated her 67th birthday in Santa Rosa, California with her BFFs from college.  The agenda included art
(whimsical and otherwise), Reed Bros hand carved furniture studio , wine tasting, fun dining, and best of all, engaging chats.




Vicki flew to the states from Paris and then met up with Paul again in Paris, after her month in the States. 
 Floods, strikes, gloomy weather and Euro 2016 (think soccer/football) barely interfered with our rambles around the city.

While Vicki traveled overseas, Paul gallivanted around southern France, and 
the Costa Brava in Spain, with friends Barbara and Neil. The three of them met up with various friends.

Neil's 65th birthday festivities instigated our trip to France this spring.
Neil hosted his friends in style in the Eiffel Tower's signature restaurant Le Jules Verne.


Back in Asia, Paul spent a month in Southern Vietnam, a guy trip. Paul wrote about the quirks and customs he encountered in VietnamPaul had such a good time that we'll be headed back to Vietnam sooner rather than later.




Life in Bangkok (and our two weeks in Chiang Mai) centers around friends, walking, and personal study/projects.
To extend our Thai visas, one last time for our current visa, 
we zipped up to Tachilek, Burma just over the border from Mae Sai, Thailand. 

We stopped in Phayao to catch up with the lives of Aom and her daughter Cream. We enjoyed the beauty of lake Phayao and northern Thailand. Aom also took Vicki to see some unusual Buddhist Monasteries in nearby Chiang Kham.

(Paris, Bangkok, Chiang Kham)


Live and Invest Overseas republished, slightly edited, a classic piece by Vicki about living abroad:

Click on TIMELESS to go to our Timeless page which has links to old articles by Paul and a few by Vicki about our travels and reflections. 

Paul now writes for the Simon Letter, a Live and Invest Overseas subscription publication.  Recently he has published the following articles:

July: Those Who Stick, Win
June: Objectivism Over Empathy, and What You Need To Know About Brexit 
May: Convert Dividends to Capital Gains To Save Big On Taxes,  
April: Are Negative Interest Rates The Future?, and Ensuring A Reliable Water Supply In An Unstable Country  

We wrote Cashing In on the American Dream, published by what is now Bantam Doubleday Dell, in 1988.  Even though the book is out of date and out of print, it is still considered a classic read for anyone considering early retirement.


Paul found us a terrific deal on Emirates Airlines from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Buenos Aires, Argentina.
 In mid-November we fly together to Buenos Aires and return to KL in early December. 
It's a doozy of a flight - just over 30 hours from first take-off to final  landing.  

We'll spend time in Malaysia both before we go and after we return. Then most likely we'll return to Bangkok for a couple of months. 
And then...maybe Europe, maybe Central America, maybe Vietnam, maybe China, maybe...

Contemplation Photos

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