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             We are Paul and Vicki Terhorst. We retired young and are now perpetual travelers.
This page lets you know our whereabouts, how to contact us, and what's going on in our lives.

 We updated this page in Paris, France on May 8, 2015

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Our two months stateside flew by. We spent most of our time focused on family. Our most poignant moment was the celebration of Vicki's dad's life. He passed away in Portland, Oregon on March 7th.  Vicki's grandniece, 8 years old, made a book about her Great Grandpa's funeral. One of the pictures she drew had her great grandpa looking down from heaven at her family. 
At the celebration the family shared stories about Jim. 
The first story, shared by Vicki's younger sister's husband Don, told about his first breakfast with Jim. Jim used a stopwatch to time the waffles he was cooking so that the waffles would come out perfect.
Here's  the beautiful contemplative/memorial corner built in David and Gail's (Vicki's sister) garden where we spread Jim's ashes.

Vicki's mother enjoys her new life at a luxury senior's residence. Vicki's parent's house is almost empty 
of it's treasures and ready to be sold.  Emptying the house inspired us to reflect on how we define ourselves.

We had time with Paul's family. Paul's mother, Marie, at 93 is still driving! (Photo, by Paul's mother's granddaughter Erin, of Marie with Erin's son.) Our nephew John has a new service dog Yan. (Photo, by John, of Yan taking a break.)

We also had exquisite time with friends in Irvine (bird watching), La Quinta, near Palm Springs where we visited the Salton Sea and the Sunnylands estate, Las Vegas (remember when we lived there in the mid 1990s?), and Houston.




We savored our life in Kunming, China until March 3rd. We then flew and regrouped in Bangkok. 
My family preferred that Paul and I continue with our life-on-the-road rather than rush back to Portland. 
Our mourning gently reveals itself to us day by day.
While in Kunming we wrote three articles for Live and Invest Overseas. 
You can read two of these stories by clicking on the links directly below while the third story can be read in 'Past'.
"Paul and I are in China celebrating Chinese New Year. The first thing we noticed: No one showed up.  Not here, anyway, in center-city Kunming. Some 300 million Chinese packed onto trains, buses, and planes so they could celebrate with family. Many returned to villages..." 
"We consider China to be hard travel, both because of the language problem and because of the different customs and attitudes. Not for the fainthearted. On the other hand, the different customs, delicious food, and helpful, practical folks explain why we return to China again and again..." 

A photo essay of the many faces of Kunming:




After seeing the heartbreaking earthquake in Nepal we think about all the people who we know who have journeyed there...
                  ...they could have been there and we too could be in a place that has a natural disaster...
                                                   ...we figure life has it's risks no matter what you do, where you go or where you live.  So on we go.
We've begun our European jaunt and will spend our first two weeks in Paris.  We've bought a Carte Senior Plus which allows us to buy French train tickets at the last minute with deep discounts if we go first class. We like this flexibility. We like first class too. First stop will be Valence. At the mid-point of our travels we'll spend time in Spain. We return to Paris at the end of July and fly to Seattle in early August.  Our European to-do list includes visiting friends, wine tasting, visiting a few new towns, and a bit of travel with Paul's brother Phil and wife Lynda in Spain. 

Articles published in Live and Invest Overseas in 2015, 2014 plus two interviews
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Republished July 13, 2014 (see comment below about the Huffington Post blogs)
Kathleen Peddicord, publisher of Live and Invest Overseas, asked Paul for a bit of research and editing support for her blog on the Huffington Post's Post50 blogs.  Later the articles are often published in Live and Invest Overseas.

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We wrote Cashing In on the American Dream, published by what is now Bantam Doubleday Dell, in 1988.  Even though the book is out of date and out of print, it is still considered a classic read for anyone considering early retirement.
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