Paul Sop's Moduleblaster

Teriffic analog synthesizer modules unlike anything else around.

All these modules exist in at least my studio, mostly as performance pieces. They can be yours too. Call me. 

Tokyo Intersection

    Two dimensional spatial sequencer. Not just --one-dir-->, U D L R. Link more for 3D chess sequencing.

Note: Square is 17 x 17 (prime!), and has 361 knobs, 760 banana jacks, 65 switches.

Extra Modern Plus

   Audio ->  RF Modulator -> Broadcast ->  interference -> Heterodyne Tuner. Three separate modules in total.

    Note: You can buy an extra 'Extra', or 'Modern', or 'Plus' module. Put them in your system at the same time and mix in the AM and FM Band. Turn on a blender between the transmitter and receiver. Excellent.

Dynamic Love Gun

    An insipirational controller. A gun, which emits beams. Targets pick up beams. Gun modulates. Disco ball modulator.

Note: Extra guns and targets can be purchased for audience participation and interactive performance. 

Psycho Cluster Zombulator

    Illumination -> rotoplatter -> camera -> video analyzer -> cv output AND audio output. Kaliedoscope filter included.

Note: This is like live-action version of the metasynth program. Put a Barbie head on the rotoplatter, route that to your LFO.

Infinity Amplifier

    Modulates audio on 1 million volt carrier. Receiver picks up 1 million volt spark, demodulates. Clipping possible.

Note: This circuit operates at extremely high voltages. It can easily kill you and destroy other equipment. Only buy if you are insane in the mebrane, insane in the brain. 

Methkit Probulator

    Synthesize with beakers and chemicals.

Note: This is big to ship. Includes burners, beakers, chemicals, composition manual, rubber probulator gloves, and more. 


    An oscilator made from relays. No kidding. Jumper board triggers firing sequence for lots of fun waveforms.

Note: Not only do the relays oscillate, but we've placed a microphone on the relays to let you amplify their switching sounds for special percussive effects.  Special solenoid option can be used to tap reverb tanks. 

Kaizer Z Devil Banana

    Convert freqency into CV. One audio input. 24 CV frequency divisions outputs.

Note: This module is the bees knees and the wasps nipples.

Royal Rainbow Disco Queen

    Nonlinear metamorphic acoustic chamber. Useful for getting those impuse responses of Schrodinger's cat.

Note: This assembles into a big acousticly shielded box with a speaker and stereo microphone, in which you place things that affect the sound. Great for foley.

Esperanto, why don't you come to our senses

    If we could only get along. Midi Clock, Din Sync, Trigg<->Strig 1V Octave <-> Octave Hz <-> 1.2V Octave (Buchla), Banana, 1/4, 1/8, Universal Ground, and more. Volt Meter. 5 Amp Power Supply, All Connectors, 19" wide. It's the best interface we make.

Note: Everything will get along.