available unregistered hybrids

Updated 8/22/11

Neo.'Royal Cordovan' x 'Perfect Harmony' - sibling to the already named Neo. 'Royal Velvet'- not as intense red- a little more green spotting, and distinctive, dark leaf margins. One flowering size plant available. Probably deserves to be registered! $15

Neo. 'Angel Face' x cyanea- This cross produced a number of cute, small plants. 'Angel Face' is a very pretty plant, but it's a little bugger to grow well here in Michigan. It's very difficult to grow with good conformation. On the other hand, Neo. cyanea is much more cooperative. It's a good combination, with some of the colorful features of 'Angel Face', and the temperament, speckling, red sepals, and blue flowers of Neo. cyanea.

Neo. 'Angel Face' x cyanea #06-2 $6

Vr. ‘Sunset’ x ‘Little Chief’. Maroon – hued foliage. My prediction last year was that it ..."is likely to have a fairly tall, single red spike, possibly with orange overtones." First bloom was late August '09. I'd say I was pretty close! Pups from plant pictured $10

Neo. 'Angel Face' x cyanea #07-1- This one has a nice blush and great flower color. $7

A number of young plants and pups from my banded Neos. are available on a limited basis. Inquire about current availbility and price.

First flower of a grex of Vr. 'Eva' x 'Sunset'. Photo from 12/6/08. I was advised not to expect any branching from this cross, but I like the color contrast of foliage and inflorescence. It's a small plant- about 15" across and 21" tall.

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Here is another coming into bloom (July '10) that has similar colors with nice branching! .....more discolor foliage than the selection above, Possibly the most desirable of the grex?!