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Curriculum Vitae

  • An indirect evolutionary justification of risk neutral bidding in fair division games (with Werner Güth), International Journal of Game Theory, forthcoming, [PDF]
  • Observational and reinforcement pattern-learning: An exploratory study (with Nobuyuki Hanaki and Alan Kirman)European Economic Review, 2018, 104, 1-21.
  • Believing in correlated types in spite of independence: An indirect evolutionary analysis (with Werner Güth), Economics Letters, 2015, 134, 1-3.
  • Organisational structure, communication and group ethics (with Matthew Ellman), American Economic Review, 2010, 100(5), 2478-2491. [Supplement]
  • Competition with forward contracts: A laboratory analysis motivated by electricity market design (with Jordi Brandts and Arthur Schram), Economic Journal, 2008, 118, 192-214. [Supplement]
  • Bidding behavior at sequential first-price auctions with(out) supply uncertainty: A laboratory analysis (with Tibor Neugebauer), Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 2007, 63(1), 55-72. [Supplement]
  • Auctions for government securities: A laboratory comparison of uniform, discriminatory and Spanish designs (with Klaus Abbink and Jordi Brandts), Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 2006, 61(2), 284-303.
  • On the impact of Low-Balling: Experimental results in asymmetric auctions, International Journal of Game Theory, 2002, 31(1), 69-89.
  • Pareto's compensation principle (with Murray Kemp), Social Choice and Welfare, 1999, 16(3), 441-444. [Reprinted in International Trade and National Welfare, Murray Kemp (Ed.), Routledge, 2001, 209-212.]

Book Review
  • Auctioning Public Assets: Analysis and Alternatives, Maarten C.W. Janssen (ed.), Cambridge University Press, 2002. In World Economy, 2005, 28(10), 1559. 

Working Papers
  • Rationalizing (non-)equilibrium bidding in maximum value auctions without beliefs about others' behavior (with Hang Wu), 2019, SSRN Working Paper #3301838 [PDF]
  • An individual decision-making approach to bidding in first-price and all-pay auctions (with Hang Wu), 2019, SSRN Working Paper #3233164 [PDF]
  • Exploration vs Exploitation, Impulse Balance Equilibrium and a specification test for the El Farol Bar problem (with Alan Kirman and François Laisney), 2019, SSRN Working Paper #3233147  [PDF] (R&R)
  • Structural analysis of first-price auction data: Insights from the laboratory (with Andres Romeu), UoA School of Economics Working Paper #2018-08 [PDF]
  • More money or more certainty? Behaviour in stochastic alternating-offer experiments (with Anna Conte and Werner Güth), UoA School of Economics Working Paper #2017-06 [PDF
  • Asymmetric multiple object first-price auctions, UoA School of Economics Working Paper #2013-07  [PDF]
  • Structural inferences from first-price auction data (with Andres Romeu), mimeo 2007  [PDF]
  • Eliciting bid functions in (a)symmetric first-price auctions (with Karim Sadrieh), 2004, SSRN Working Paper #556077   [PDF]
  • Sequential descending-price auctions with asymmetric buyers: Evidence form a fish market, 2000SSRN Working Paper #301288  [PDF]
  • Sequential auctions with supply uncertainty, 1997, SSRN Working Paper #301288  [PDF]