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I'm not saying much here in the way of specifics; I'm not giving ideas and help to "competitors" who don't know WHAT they're doing, but steal ideas from others, in this case me. We can discuss specifics in person or on the phone. I have a proven track record and REAL RESULTS, and they're saved for CLIENTS.

Nothing frustrates me more than seeing people with little or NO reach or know-how touting themselves as "social media experts." I don't know about you, but I'd want to see that they themselves had some clout. Otherwise you might as well open your bedroom window and yell your products, services or cause and then slam the window. Reach, expertise and talent and some “inside tricks not for giving away” are required!

I first “jumped in” to social media in 2009, signing up on Twitter watching Don Lemon on CNN covering the Iran Revolution. It amazed me that with no cameras or press there, the only coverage we got was kids running down a street with cellphones and broadcasting pictures and video to the world through Twitter. People on Twitter even took great precautions in “veiling” those demonstrators' identities and masking their transmission points for their safety. “Tweeps” on Twitter even colored their avatars (profile pics) green to show support. It was just amazing. I enjoy the conversation, interaction, and have built my network over TIME vs trying to “jump on a bandwagon tomorrow morning” and expecting instant notoriety. In 2010 I was voted #77th best person to follow on ALL of Twitter, beating out celebrities and sports figures. Back then it was a lot of fun and I made friends and met athe love of my life, before celebrities and snake oil salesmen started polluting it. LOL!

Since then, over the last 8 years, I've built a large “reach” on many social media platforms. I have a proven track record and references. Check out my recent blog, a “You should know before hiring someone” type tutorial. I detest “social media gurus,” always have, and don't profess to be one. What I have is REACH and I can help you establish your “brand” (another term I detest) and additionally be more easily FOUND in search results. Search engine optimization or “SEO” is generally a way for folks to bilk you out of hundreds or thousands of dollars. I don't do “SEO” either. But I will get you into results. I have TRUE, REAL, EARNED, NON PURCHASED “numbers” of followers on many accounts including Twitter, FaceBook, Instagram, Pinterest and several others. I'm not giving secrets away here; you can feel free to contact me for particulars, pricing and recommendations. Yes I have zillions of FaceBook friends and 1700 likes on my Like Page;

There's more to social media than FaceBook!

Let me help you market your business, brand, personal cause or just about anything else. Read my blog (red link just below) for some background.

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Here are some of my "numbers;" these are increasing all the time.

@PaulBritPhoto Twitter

@PaulBritPhoto is my main account since 2009, @Quotalicious is a quote and retweet account, and @PaulBritCOM is for training, lists of specific Twitter users I like to follow. Each have their own type of followers; ALL are used in your promotion.

Here's my Instagram. I LOVE Instagram for several reasons, plus it's just plain FUN. One recent stat claimed Instagram posts are 58 (FIFTY EIGHT) times more viewed than FaceBook. I have found this to be true. More "eyeballs," more interaction, more support, more engagement.

Contact me today at the "CONTACT" link below to help you with getting your word out. For local Palm Springs businesses I also offer my photography coupled with my social media reach. I can and will also train you so that over a (relatively short) time you'll be able to do your own WITHOUT spending an excessive amount of time away from your business. Cheers!


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