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Paul Roberts Real Estate Photography Wichita Falls Texas & Palm Springs California also covers Rancho Mirage, Cathedral City, and Palm Desert. I'm proud that 93.7% of homes I photographed have SOLD ~ regardless of price point. I am also proud of my 34 years experience as a published photographer offering not only magazine quality photography of Real Estate but also helping agents "push" their MLS listing to a huge social media audience. As a result many homes I've photographed have sold in 1-2 weeks. I take a vested interest in the Realtor selling the home either in Texas or California. 

FOUR SALES TEAMS which used me enjoyed their BEST YEAR EVER - Artsy in a magazine is one thing - I'd rather help you actually sell homes. I'm succeeding. So are the Realtors using me for photography and subsequent social media promotion of their listings.  It's not a photo essay contest, it's business. Capturing the breadth & depth of a home for sale, and making it look natural & REAL, as if the prospect is standing in the house, is key. The definition of "photographer" is and should be "someone who knows what photography is." I do. All of these photos are ONE single exposure, not computer generated. That's because I know what an "exposure" is.
The Bad News: I know the truth. Despite the advertised appeal of "making millions by next Wednesday," true real estate professionals know it takes hard work, diligence, patience, a plan, and expenses. Just a few: MLS Boards, stationery, stamps, added car insurance, gasoline, vehicle wear & tear, desk rental, clothing, dry cleaning, client meals & entertainment, phone, advertising, E & O insurance, etc. Not easy, but potentially tremendous rewards.

The Good News: I understand where you're coming from. ANY reduced expense is good sense, especially in a slow market. California has had many "up periods," only a few "lows," but lows strike hard. Competing to sell aged listings to fewer people who have the money or financing is hard work. However:

REGARDLESS of the sales price of ANY home, the first impression of a property is often an agent's website! 84% of buyers rely on the internet to find a home & that figure is rising rapidly! Shots taken from a car or bathroom sink taps won’t do, and neither will offbalance lighting, unbalanced color, or lack of room detail, composure and/or framing. Worse, if you provide no photo the MLS takes it -- we all know how THEY turn out, plus I’m told the agent is charged. So if your listed home is $100K or $10M ... photos COUNT.

It is essential to convey space, warmth, liveability and natural lighting to those searching for a home. You're a professional; the photos should reflect that. I give a naturally lit feel to the home rather than "dark & artsy," or even worse "overly bright fake-glowy-litho," without the ugly tungsten cast, giving people you haven't even met reason to contact you. Average site time is 35 minutes, then 5+ HOURS of expert 3-phase, PER FRAME editing (no "batch" editing, no faux generated composites), including: cropping, color correction, barrel, pincushion, wide angle & perspective correction, denoising, detail sharpening and removal of private information such as diplomas, photos, etc.  I have written my OWN plug-ins to address anomalies of architectural photography including precise perspective correction, shadow lightening, etc. No charge for Master CD, extra photos, editing or mileage. I look forward to helping you sell your homes and understand your needs and cost concerns.