It's hard to believe these were taken 10 years ago with my first digital camera, a Sony 505. Prior to that I shot slide film exclusively. Weighing in a whopping 5 megapixel (That was huge at the time, LOL!) ~ it had some remarkable qualities. Just FYI, we caught up to "film sharpness" at about 5MP, certainly 6MP. At 8MP, digital caught up to fine grain slide films like Kodachrome 64 and FujiChrome 50 (my favorite). at 9MP we finally caught up to Kodachrome 25. These nightshots of Las Vegas and other scenes are favorites of mine so I'm sharing here. I'll be making a photo trip to Las Vegas soon with newest equipment, since the skyline & casinos there have changed SOOO much in a decade. So has digital photography. I'm so glad I learned with film :-)

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